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Sunday, April 3, 2016

About the experience on Earth - Master Rowena

Beloved Masters,

There is an inevitable path in your spiritual path, which is the ever deeper contact with your essence, with your "I Am" self. It is the way of return to Light, to peace, to silence, to balance with All That Is.

The destiny of all God's children is balance with creation. It is the unity of the flow of creation. So there is no spiritual hierarchy as you imagine, for all the children are on the same path.

You may think that some brethren would be farther advanced by being wiser, by anchoring Light to all around them. But, beloved, all, absolutely all have left the balance cradle of our Father, to seek and to know each other.

We are all on a path of self-discovery. We went out with this purpose, so that we could anchor our own recognition with All That Is.

Although we are all in unity with creation at all times, because there is no single atom that is not in perfection, we can, through our free will, impose our own creation next to that which created us and which we belong to, Unity.

We are thus in unity, for this is an essential condition of existence itself. But consciousness can bring its own personal confrontations, because consciousness is free to create its experiences. So, even though unity is an indissociable condition, it can cease to exist in perfection, through an existential lapse. This is a paradox, because we are unique in perfection, but we put ourselves in resistance to this unity to test its flow.

We say this, brethren, to realize, that all that exists is perfect, for the way is unique. There are no deviations! What there are are mere experiences where the very limits of creation are tested. It is as if, for a moment, we take the creation to its maximum limit, just to see how far it can go. It is when we realize how elastic and flexible it is.

Creation involves the most varied kinds of experiences, because its material is of the most flexible, energy and consciousness. Within that scope, anything is possible.

But it is in this kind of experience that you find yourself, the one that brings creation to its ultimate consequences. To your existential limit. The creation, through its creators, testing its limits for the growth and development of all that is.

Do you see why there is so much interest, so much help, so much accompaniment in this experience that you experience? You are the children who have decided to broaden their own creation by creating an unprecedented experience. This experience consists in discovering the limit of duality and, in a physical body, to return to the arms of our Father's infinite love. You test the limits of everything, absolutely everything.

They arrived at this experience to the limit of duality, of separation, to the point of no longer accepting an idea of ​​unity. And yet, you decide to use a physical garment on the way to return to All That Is. Modify the physical body so that consciousness expands in a material environment.

Do you conceive the greatness of all this? Can you imagine creation observing this unprecedented process? It is magical, it is great, it is perfect, for it is expanding the limits that the creation itself accepted for itself.

I leave you beloved, to reflect on what you are experiencing and to reflect what you represent in the eternity of life.

With all my love,

Ms. Rowena

Message - Thiago Strapasson - 03.Apr.20.20

Revision: Solange Yabushita