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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Spiritualized Life on Earth - Master Nada

What is it to be spiritual having an earthly experience? How to live a spiritual life on Earth? Was that possible?

Life on Earth is challenging us all the time. There are energies of all kinds, which are, at all times, interbreeding us. They are energies that penetrate us, that penetrate our being, to confuse us about what our own energies are and what external forces would influence us.

And, you, in the midst of this energetic chaos, with your bodies, trying to stay at your center, balance and breathe. In fact, you are in an attempt to remain spiritual, to connect with your soul, not to move away from your I AM, to remain spiritualized in the midst of chaos and the limitations of your consciousness.

So I ask you, "How can we be spiritualized in this environment? How do you anchor your higher aspects in the ground environment? " There is a question that perhaps brings us indications of what it is to be spiritualized in this environment: "anchoring high aspects."

Our nature is spiritual, for so we were created. But we have come to have an experience that, apparently, we forget about this natural aspect. We start using a "physical outfit" that ends up confusing us about who we really are.

This is because this "clothing" is accompanied by a rational mechanism that separates us from our I Am. There is a mechanism that separates us from ourselves and this is at least intriguing. I barely identify myself internally about what I really am and to complicate it even more, I am put in an environment where the energies confuse me? It sounds rather complex, but it does not.

Our soul is always accessible through the Heart. You ask the Heart and there is a soft voice that will bring you something that will ease you. But then there will come your reason that will say "no", that this path will put you in danger. It is because the first, which comes from the Heart, knows you deeply, for it is you, and the second knows only your life. One of them will give you a small passage of your existence, the other will teach you about all your spiritual trajectory in eternal life.

But that's not all. After you separate these two voices and identify the Heart, you still need to shut out everything that is external. Because the outsider does not even know his earthly way, so he can not say anything about you. External voices, whatever they may be, can not have any power over you, for they know nothing about you.

Ah, but we have to answer a question: "What is it to be spiritualized on Earth?" I tell you, "It is following your Heart." To follow your heart is to give voice to your soul, to let your I Am prevail. So you want to be spiritualized? Follow your Heart. This is what the Masters, who were among you, did.

A simple answer, there is a simpler question yet.

I love you deeply, because I feel each of you in my heart.

Master Nada

Massage: Thiago Strapasson - April 12, 2016.

Revision: Angelica T. Tosta