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Thursday, March 24, 2016

You are the message - Lord Maitreya

Beloved brethren, may Christ's peace sustain them, for it alone will relieve them to allow the anchoring of all that they represent in this world.

We are here to anchor this Christ energy that radiates from the loving center of our Father to their hearts through these marks, (letters), that make contact.

There is much more here, as in other messengers of other brothers, than words, than teachings. There is energy here, where each one who reads these open heart messages becomes a messenger to anchor the energies to the physical rather than the physical world.

When you stop your chores from making contact with these sacred lessons, you are anchoring the energy that we radiate to you in your dimension and more. You are assisting in the expansion of planetary consciousness, for the role of the anchor is no less important than that of the messenger.

My brethren, it would do no good to bring messages if they were cold lyrics, devoid of energy content. Each of you, who on a multidimensional level makes contact with these texts, is assisting your world in anchoring the benevolent creative energies that are modifying and depriving the old structures of power.

More than that, you are anchoring energy that radiates from your heart to thousands of brothers around you, and still, on a multidimensional level, you anchor energies to other spiritual dimensions.

So, beloved ones, all of you who are involved in the anchoring of Light to the planet participate in these messengers, either sustaining the energy so that we can reach the messenger, or helping benevolent beings to anchor the energy on their terrestrial plane, so that it irradiates to the Hearts still closed to the teachings.

But on a multidimensional level, you all participate in these texts because they form a team of guardians who, each in their own way, are assisting in the anchoring of the energies that are changing their world. There would be no such letters or other messages if it were not for teamwork, which is much larger than you realize, because there are countless beings of many dimensions who are benefiting and accompanying the work that this empowerment team performs.

The messages, my beloved ones, are just the tip of the iceberg, but there is much more here, on a multidimensional level. There is something inconceivable to your linear mind because the energies we bring through these texts matter in a joint work of anchoring and energetic distribution, apart from all that you can perceive in physical reality.

You need to be aware that there are a multitude of beings who, from their dimensions, absorb the messages. Otherwise the words, but the energy contained in them.

Because, messengers, my brothers, it is something more than simple words written or spoken through a mediumistic body. Plumbing is also a powerhouse and transmits it to several other fields.

You are in an intensive course, and you are always advancing, always on, expanding your ability to receive energy and pass it on. You are also walking to "solidify" this energy in yourself so that it becomes the message itself.

Therefore, the amount of people on your physical plane who read is nothing, dear ones. There are more, many more souls seeing the work, than one imagines. You are still in training. The best is yet to come...

I thank you, beloved ones, for the wonderful work you are doing. But be assured that there is a reason for this message to have come to you, however written or audio, for by receiving it you will be anchoring the expanding Christ-consciousness energy of all mankind. You, more than that, are incorporating this energy into your beings, so that they become the very message in your day to day.

With all my heart.

Lord Maitreya

Messengers: Gabriel Ray Lunar and Thiago Strapasson - March 24, 2016.

Text revision: Solange Yabushita