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Sunday, March 6, 2016

You are angels, masters, souls risen incarnate - The Group and Lady Master Nada

Beloved children of unity,

It is with an immeasurable love that our brotherhood of ascending brethren approaches you to bring these sacred lessons.

We are a fraternity of brothers and sisters who, like you, live the physical life on this planet. Our experiences have led us to a process of balancing our bodies and hearts, enabling the stabilization of life along the ascending realms.

But this does not mean that we are different, better or more capable than you. We are exactly the same, for we are the fruit of the love of our Father, who does not grant special privileges to any of his children.

All of us, my brethren, are made of the same material, the Light of the deepest love of creation and made of the same energy that our Father bears. We are our own Father experiencing life and experiencing vibrational and energetic experiences.

Each one of us was made in resemblance to the creative energy of all that is.

So, my brothers, do not feel any smaller because we live in a more subtle environment, with less dense energies, because although you do not see yourself in that way, you have abilities as fantastic as yours. There is no difference between what we can accomplish and what you can.

Beloved, we say this so that you understand that the messages we bring are not because we are higher than you, but because, because of the plan in which we live, we can have a panoramic and wide view of the situation and the moment that they experience. But in love, we are absolutely equal, there being no one among you or between us who could be said to be more special.

Throughout our existence we are experimenting, experiencing experiences of the most diverse. And believe me! Many of us, when we were experiencing physical life, were aided by you, who are now where we were. It is as if, from time to time, we exchanged, in relay, the task of raising the vibration in light of planetary physical life. 

Yes, beloved! Many of you who are now in this position of using the physical body have already experienced the happiness that prevails in the ascendant realms and in our fraternity of masters. You are masters who even accompanied us from the spiritual life when we were wearing this bodily outfit.

Therefore, we have repeatedly been telling you that we are all brothers in love, made of the same energy, fruit of the love of our Father and therefore bearer of the same privileges. Some of you, believe me, have attended even higher spheres energetically than ours. They are beings with great inner wisdom, ready to do and perform the great task that they set themselves.

But we are repeating these memories to tell you something deeper, for we would like you to identify in you some characteristics that will show you what we say.

Many of you feel tight, trapped, in the physical body, as if they do not fit perfectly. This brings a certain inner restlessness. This is a typical sensation of those who have experienced the freedom we enjoy. You feel within yourself that you are capable of experiencing a more expanded reality. They are souvenirs of higher realities that they bring with you.

More than that, you have a feeling of delay, as if you were left behind in the evolutionary plane. A feeling that they were not able, after so many lives, to rise. You believe you have failed many times.

But it's not like that. You "descend" and "rise" in relay with other brothers who are on that side of the veil now. You, who read these texts and understand them as lessons to be transformed into works and lived, you know in your heart that you have been experiencing more subtle realities. If it were not so, they would not be able to understand and experience what we tell them now. You, who sought to bring these lessons into your life because you understand them deeply, bring in your subconscious the memories of the realms of Light.

You, beloved ones, who read these letters and dwell on these lessons, do so because it is a way of getting in touch with energies that are very common to you. The subtle energies of love of the ascended kingdoms.

We are here demonstrating that you, who are following these lessons and awaiting the coming of the next, are incarnate masters. And they do these readings because it is a way of remembering the lessons they have already experienced in the spiritual schools of our fellowship of teachers. 

Remember, however, there is none better than the other, dear brothers. They are mirrored in the lessons of humility which have given them physical lives such as that of Master Jesus and of St. Francis of Assisi. Hold this truth without needing to shout it at others. Show what we say and feel with your example of love, with your compassion and, above all, with the humility of a great teacher.

But why do you think people often do not understand what you say? I tell you, it is because you already bring inwardly highly advanced lessons from high spiritual realms that have experienced or still experience in physical sleep.

Beloved, look at you. Compare the vision, your feelings, your understanding with the common sense that prevails in your world. Do you want more proof that you've already been in the position we are in now?

Reflect and see if there is no meaning in what we say. So, beloved, stop believing you are there because you failed. You are angels, masters, and even more, who have taken on a mission to assist the elevation of an entire planet.

Yes, beloved! It is enough that they look inwardly and see how their understanding, their comprehension is advanced and expanded before what prevails in their world, that they will have no doubt of what we say here. The answer, like all others, is in its interior and not in our words.

We deeply love you, brethren, because you were together with us, and so we know you deeply. Use that wisdom you have, and just as the great masters have done, be the dials of the way, the bearers of Light, the untiring workers who are raising an entire planet. Believe in yourself. Always acknowledge with humility, but without doubt, what you represent in this world and express all that you are.

We are a collective consciousness of masters who have come to show you who you are, to look at each other and recognize each other for all that you are. We represent the energy of devotion sustained on the physical plane by the beloved master Nada.

In the name of our fraternal house, we have asked to use this energy that we transmit to them, so that they may be devoted to themselves. Recognize yourselves, masters, by what you bring into this world within. You are the magnificent missionary children who have agreed to "come down" to help the greater plan.

With all our love the admiration for what they set out to do.

The Group, representing the energy sustained by the beloved Master Nada.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - Mar 03, 2016

Text revision: Solange Yabushita