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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wheel joke - Lord Emanuel

There is a child's play in their country that they call ciranda or wheel, where children gather hand in hand to dance and sing, to circle, as they say.

There is something so sweet in this act, because in the ciranda there is no better, more importantly, there is only the intention of playing together. There is the sweetness of childhood, there is gentleness in which no one is measured by appearance, beliefs, values ​​and tastes. But all remain hand in hand to sing and dance, all trying to stay at the same pace for the game to work.

But what if, for the moment, we had brought the energy of this wheel here and our childishness back when we did not judge the friend, but we held his hand together to play? Do this for a brief moment, just out of curiosity, and realize the feeling it brings you.

So stop a little what you are doing. Have a light, gentle but deep breath. Continue to breathe and bring these memories of wheel games. You are jumping to sing and dance, all together laughing, because the wheel is kind of uncoordinated, but that does not matter because it's a joke. When someone gets in the way and gets out of the rhythm, it has a lot of fun. It is one of the graces of the joke.

Feel the joy of this time now, where almost nothing was so important. Imagine this, as if it were a gift to lighten your day, for it is I who am here, your friend Lord Emanuel. Feel my energy. She is sweet as her childhood. At that moment, play as they used to, for all that matters is the wheel, the wheel, and nothing else.

Follow the ciranda of these words that bring a gentle energy to calm the day. Take advantage of this friend who is here now just to serve you.

And it is in the energy of this sweet and simple joke that I come to bring you a remembrance of union, like that of the wheel. She's light, funny, funny. I come to bring you the memory of childhood so that you ask yourself: Where did that tenderness? At what point did you stop believing in the magic of life to become an adult? At what point did you stop recognizing the beauty of the wheel game?

To this day, beloved ones, I assure you that you would laugh a lot if you joined adult friends like you and took some in the hands of others and started singing and dancing trying to turn everyone in a single rhythm, because there would always be one who would sing out of rhythm, or Which would hinder the turning of the wheel. But all this would not matter, because it's all a great joke. Then I guarantee that, for brief moments, they would laugh and forget everything else.

It is because, beloved, that child is still there. This child lives inside you. She still likes to play with the wheel and she's not that serious. She likes to play, to have fun in a simple way, in union. Seek it, bring it to you, and feel the tenderness that it has. Allow this privilege for a brief moment.

And remember: you are like this, like the children who played. But life made them adults. Then they forgot who they really are.

I leave you with this puerile energy of the tender age, that you seek that energy throughout your days. This energy is within you and these words just remind you of it. Bring that softness into your day and do not let this adult erase your child. You can still get some in the hands of others and dance or, maybe, run in the rain to get wet.

From your friend,

Lord Emanuel

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - Mar 24, 2016

Text revision: Solange Yabushita