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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The signs of life - Master El Morya

Dear brothers!

With all our heart we came to bring them a message of encouragement, of faith, to show them the way to be persecuted, to be trodden.

We say that there is no secret to treading the path, because it has signs of indication. It's like they're on a signpost that tells them all the time. But there is more. You have highly advanced technological tools that will show you the path to be covered. It is enough that they follow the indications or if they use their instruments of location and, in the flow, walk together of their brothers of journey.

Believe me, beloved! You have an instrument that is one of the most developed of creation. It is their center of love, the heart, which tells them the most beautiful way. It is your intuitive center and when you look at it, you will discover advanced features to show you the most beautiful ways of creation. It is easy to use because it uses the loving energy of our Father.

When you entered this world, you were not left in the open. On the contrary, you had a detailed map. He would tell them where to go. This map is in your feel, in your pulsar, and a copy has been given to your guides and mentors so that, in case they deviate, they can signal to you the closest return.

Of course, in this path previously traced deviations could appear, there were unexpected surprises that made them stop for a moment. But the departure and the destination are there, although they can choose different routes along this walk. There are longer paths and also shortcuts. Some are clearer and more beautiful and others not so much, or darker. You have mapped these maps to the smallest detail with those who know your trajectory deeply, your angels and spiritual friends.

So although this map is not always in your hands, you will always have the memories of that path, because it was you who drew the one that you understood to be the best path of your existence. You will always have this memory, although in some passages they may be half erased from memory.

But even this is a problem, because, as I have already told you, you have the signs along the way, the very advanced instruments of your heart and also your guides that will be to signal the deviations and returns. Look at the grace of that path! How much help is available at your fingertips!

Yes, children! You have an inner voice that will always tell you, show you the path of your existence. Many call it "the voice of the heart" or "intuitive center." She is there to speak to you, but to listen to her, you have to momentarily stifle another voice, that of your mind, your ego.

The ego, the rational mind, is also an important instrument in the path of his physical existence, because he will always alert them to the dangers, guarding against any accidents they may face. Your indication will not always be the most beautiful and soft, as of the heart, but it will certainly lead you to physical security in the face of immediate and visible reality. That is why the ego must be regarded as a servant, not to be annulled, but rather to be used from the perspective of the spirit. Then a voice will tell you the most beautiful way, another will warn you of the risks. It is up to you to decide to take risks or to guard, changing or paralyzing the journey. But in any case, all these paths will bring you to the same fate, the abode of love of our Father.

It's all very simple. There is no secret to following the flow of life. Just watch and learn to use the instruments that are available. There are in your advanced heart the external signs of creation, the directions of your friends and guides, and the signs of security of mind. In short, you are using all these energetic equipments that are at your disposal to follow the flow of creation and Of his brief earthly existence.

On the way, it is enough that they are there, present in the now, observing all these signs available so that the route is crossed with mastery. So do not worry about which way to go the next day because the map has already been mapped out. Just look for the signs of the now.

Tomorrow? Ah, tomorrow! It will bring new indications! Do not worry! They flow the path of the now so that they are able to maintain attention to all these available instruments. To use them, then, it is important that they remain present.

I am the ascended master El Morya and I thank you, brothers, for being ever more attentive to the signs of life, following the path traced with fewer and fewer deviations and accidents. I leave you trusting that the lesson will be understood.

With all my love.

Master El Morya

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – Mar 02, 2016.

Text revision: Solange Yabushita