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Sunday, March 6, 2016

The pumpkin metaphor - Nesara Consciousness - The Group

Dear children,

It is with great pleasure that we approach that day. We have come to you to bring you a message of love. A metaphor to show them how they are, so that they are able to see themselves in fullness.

We are a collective consciousness, a group of like souls, that we are ahead of the changes that will be promoted in your world. We are talking about financial changes. And we want to show you what a world of love means. You get in touch with these lessons and your awareness, your understanding expand.

Beloved ones, imagine a world where no one is forced to work. A world in which everyone is able to keep alive physically and even have some comforts, even if they do not work and do not have a paid activity. You would say that no one would then work. But what would they do with their lives? With your time? Would they spend the day on their couch and go out to bed? Would they abandon their contacts, their confrontations, their evolution?

Then let us present a metaphor that can show you what you would do with your free time.

Imagine a pumpkin, large, well-cultivated. She was standing there on the earth, growing up so that at one point it would serve as food for another being. One being reserving energies, which will fuel the life of another being. This pumpkin, then, can be said as a reservoir of energy, which will ensure the continuity of physical life.

It is a vegetable that captures the energies of the earth, of the waters, captures the nutrients of life, knowing that its only function is to transform these energies, in a form that can be absorbed by another living being.

So the pumpkin's mission is to grow into food. But even so, she does not lose her beauty. It continues to radiate its seduction, because even this is part of the feeding process. Imagine if she did not have any attraction, she could even go unnoticed in nature and not fulfill her role, her purpose. But not! The pumpkin is attractive, beautiful, flashy! Just by looking at it there, it is already perceived that there is a possible food, because it is large and orange, in order to disentangle the green around it.

So apparently the pumpkin is doing nothing. It is fallen on the earth. Stop. But it is there, precisely, because by staying there, it will have greater service, which is to create an energy reserve so that life will be maintained.

We speak not only of the pumpkin, but if you observe nature, you will see that everything happens with a function and its own time. Realize that there is no waste of energy in it. Energy is transformed, recycled, but always has a very specific function within the cycle of life.

But everything in the cosmos is like this. Energies have a specific function and, with you, as highly evolved beings next to everything that is, would not be different.

If you did not work or did not have this commitment so that you could survive, that is, if you could have guaranteed your food and the continuity of life, then your energy would be accumulated so that you could apply it in your purpose with creation . This energy would not be used for food, but for producing something that had a greater function.

We all have something that promotes us in the heart. Just as the pumpkin is satisfied when it nourishes another being, so are you. You have latent talents that are there but do not develop because your energy is spent on your survival. Then you remain erased, mixed in nature. You do not have the glow of pumpkin in your garden. This is because your world does not respect the time of its maturation. You do not have the time to store the energy that will be expended with your own pleasure, which will serve the satisfaction of collectivity and life.

Imagine a musician. His pleasure is in taking his art; A scientist to carry out the experiment; The healer in leading the healing process; The authentic teacher in seeing the discovery of the child; The engineer to raise his work; Of the artisan to deliver his beautiful furniture. But in your world, you do not have these pleasures, because your attention and energy are so focused on survival, that everything else is forgotten. Everything is immediate and there is no time for the development of your life. You either give up on your love or you often have to do it so you can survive.

NESARA will bring back his love, his motivation to fulfill his function in the cycle of life, where everyone can reserve their energies, just as the pumpkin does, so that at the right moment, through his destiny, he will be able to be useful to Life and the evolution of his group.

So, brethren, do not worry about the possibility that there will be no work. No! There will be pleasure in serving, for the service will come out of your heart, your contribution to the whole, and in that, all your accumulated energy can be used until the time of the maturation of its purpose.

We have brought a simple lesson, but we hope you will understand it, because our Father was simple in the construction of nature and thus you should be.

The Group

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - Mar 06, 2016

Text Revision: Solange Yabushita