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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Love That Illuminates - Master Hilarion

Dear brothers and sisters,

May your union, may your peace, be the balm to relieve the afflicted hearts. May you be the ones who illumine the hearts of all, in these times of evolution and expansion of all that they are.

My children, may the heart and only he be at the helm to guide his steps. Let them not be confused by the mind, by the will. Hence the importance of seeking and becoming inward, of feeling that which surrounds you, because in this way you will be accessing the signs that lead you to our Father, who is kept in your hearts.

There is a path that they pursue in search of all that they are, in the search for the liberation of this world from the chains that bind them and that imprisoned them for years. They were led to believe that there is an established order that governs this world when, deep down, it is driven by occult forces that are rarely exposed.

And only the heart, the signs of their bodies, the feeling is that they will be distinguished by those who are by the Light, by those who are trying to keep them imprisoned. Do not believe, beloved ones, in absolutely nothing that is external to your being, for only the heart will lift you to the point of having a panoramic view of the situation you are experiencing. Everything else is illusion.

The heart will never let them follow the path of darkness, the path of pain, hatred, rancor to anyone. He will always lead you to the path of love, where there is no revenge, there is no division, for the heart leads you to a gentle path of compassion to all and all.

In any situation, children of the Light, the heart will never lead to criticism, contempt, indifference to the suffering of others, because it is the abode of our Father who loves all children equally. So whenever you are entering a path of revenge of hatred and mistrust you are allowing the mind and ego to absorb you.

This, my dears, occurs when you depart from your divine nature. You continue to be divine, but briefly absorb yourself into this reality you are experiencing, and then the mind begins to lead you.

Their bodies are intertwined with the pure energy of our Father, so they are powerful instruments to lead them to the path of the heart. But when your mind overpowers you, your bodies are silent and you forget those powerful instruments God has given you. But to get out of this dark immersion, just look at it: the heart will never lead to hatred against a brother, fear of the future, doubt about the truth. These are feelings that the mind imposes upon you to test the strength of your soul, your connection to the heart.

So beloved, in those times, the interiorization, the sincere look of the situations that present themselves, will lead them closer to our Father. Look at you, without fear of embracing your darkness, because when you do this, the heart will be To illuminate them.

Remember, the heart forgives, does not judge, feels compassion. It illuminates where there is no Light and radiates peace wherever it is. Your heart is God in manifestation. Then he is made in the likeness of the Father and has the same love for all the children. Distinguish, beloved ones, what the mind imposes on you, of the heart, because love alone prevails.

I leave you, beloved ones, so that you exercise in feeling your hearts. Let them look within themselves to illuminate all their darkness. Do not allow the mind to lead you to lower feelings to any of your brothers in any situation. Love, he is everything, he accepts, he trusts, he hugs.

With your heart, you are full within yourself and are unable to accept the darkness that surrounds you, because there is no darkness in this world that will resist the love you bring within you. Only love prevails in your protection, because it is irresistible to everything and everyone.

I am Hilarion.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - Mar 22, 2016

Text revision: Solange Yabushita