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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Prayer in the New Age - Lady Master Nada

Beloved masters,

May the blessings of love be in your hearts to be radiated with the benevolent energies.

We came today to tell you about the meaning of prayer in the New Age, in the new world, since you were taught that prayer is directed to something external to you, as if power were in something out of your reach. You were taught to ask, to beg for help, always for more powerful beings who, if they were merciful, could ease their pains and even, if they deserved, cure them.

This way of understanding prayer does not match the energies that surround them today. Not that there is any problem in accepting the aid, but it is a way that will disempower them. You are magnificent beings, made of the same energy of the Father - "God I Am in My Heart". Then, as worthy children of creation, you have the power to anchor energies for yourself.

When you become knowledgeable of this law, where you see yourself as being able to anchor the energies necessary to bring you relief and healing, creation works together with you, without having to rely on something external.

Children, you, vibrationally, are able to attract benevolent energies to you, invoking them with the power of your sacred hearts. By attracting these energies to you, you are bringing all the energy and benevolent help of the cosmos.

When you put yourself in sincere and humble prayer, in the end, you are raising your vibrational level and invoking loving energies. At that point, the necessary help comes to you and the "miracles" happen. But this was because you, as you prayed, put yourself on a vibrational level of faith, devotion to the Father and begin to attract, as co-creators, what your hearts are in need of.

The New Age prayer, my beloved ones, is a vibrational prayer of empowerment, in which you set yourself up as co-creators and, recognizing yourself as such, put yourself in unity to everything that is, trusting in the divine providence that is kept in your own to be.

This does not mean dispensing with the benevolent aids you receive, but acknowledging that you are able to draw experiences into your development according to your vibrational level, ie, the law of attraction.

Being a co-creator does not mean entering into the egoic idea that you are capable of creating the best experience your rational mind tells you, but rather of staying in acceptance and trust that the best will always come into your life.

The New Age prayer is part of the interior and, because of its vibrational condition, is external to creation. It is not done as a supplication, but as a state of being. You, recognizing yourself as the wonderful being you are, put yourself in a vibrational condition of deserving of the best, and then you trust it to be so.

The universe will always provide you with what you radiate. If they radiate fear, hatred, anger, more of these challenging experiences it will bring them. But if love, peace and trust radiate, then creation will provide you with more of these feelings in your divine flow.

This does not mean that they will not have their personal clashes, but rather that by putting themselves into acceptance and trust, these experiences will be released energetically, because all benevolent help will serve them.

Prayer, then, which they have learned, if carried out with faith and devotion, has effects, not because of their request, but because, when they do so, they put themselves, in vibrational terms, in contact with the purest energy Of the source of our Father. You, being devotees of creation, attract these energies, transforming the experiences.

So, my loves, the greatest prayer is in your pure conduct, in your love, in your trust, in your recognition. When you give a sincere hug, - this is a beautiful prayer. When you help in a disinterested way, this is also a prayer. They are praying when they utter words of encouragement and affection, because in these acts you are drawing the highest energies of creation to you. In acts of love and loving deportment, you are being Christ in your hearts, and then I assure you: your experiences will become very mild and healers of all evil.

I thank you, beloved, for the prayer you have just made in reading these words.

With all my love.

Master Nada

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - Mar 15, 2016

Text revision: Solange Yabushita