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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Now is the only moment in which love exists – Master Rowena

Children of the heart,

We come today, with all our love, to talk to you about now, about the art of being present, of staying and living in the existing moment.

When your thoughts move in time, there is always an anxiety or an expectation for the future, or there may be a sense of guilt about something that has passed and has not been fully lived. However, if so, you will eventually block your feelings of now, because when you move you are entering an illusion, a perspective that does not belong to you and which you do not control either.

See, beloved ones, that your world will be increasingly modified. So there is no more possibility of planning. You already feel it in your lives, because the change is not just for you, but rather to all of your journey brothers. The changes will occur because they are inherent in the moment you experience. This prevents any probability (which has ever actually existed) from trying to control the events to come. Everything may change at any time.

Likewise, you carry the hurt and pain of the past, of those acts done by the “old you.” However, because of that same cycle of change and evolution, the “old you” no longer exists. So, who made that decision was not your current consciousness, but rather the previous and narrower one.

In this present planetary cycle, today’s you is not yesterday’s you and will not be tomorrow’s you. For your guides and mentors are leading you at the edge of consciousness expansion, and every day you are being renovated and expanding.

This means there is no planning, because tomorrow there will be a new, more expanded conception of this very fact. As the you of yesterday is no longer the you of now, a new form or attitude can be adopted.

What we say is that, at this time, all you have is the present; it is the “you of now.” There is no longer a preconception. Everything is in the moment, in the feeling.

In fact, some time ago we brought you a series of teachings on the importance of feeling. And as we told you, the feeling is essential so that you experience the flow at this time. This is because, through it, you do not make a premature decision and still leave your prejudices. You feel the moment, then surrender to what your bodies tell you and to the signs, the evidence that your hearts lead you. This is the path to the true flow of life that will bring you peace and relief.

In this conception, everything is lived in the present. So, that anxiety for the future time or the sadness of the past is left out. In this way of living the experiences, you will always take the best decision or act according to your consciences present in this now.
Many will say that it will require trust. I tell you it won’t, but only discipline to stay present. Especially because the past is gone, it won’t come back, and the future will still be lived, perhaps. So trust would be required if you had control over these situations, but since you don’t, only now remains, and there is no other alternative. Absolutely everything which is out of now only exists in your consciousness, and not externally. Only the present moment is at your side.

See, my beloved ones, as everything else is the delusion of your consciousness. There is no past and no future. What exists is you, facing the “you of now.” What you will do here, now. Feel what your body and your heart tell you to be the best, and you will realize that all is well now.

Then, you begin to make decisions according to what you feel at the moment, the best way your consciousness and vibration allow you to. But to do so, you must remain present, because as we’ve already told you, when you move, you cease to feel.

Only then will you be in the flow of life and remain in peace, without fear, without expectation, without frustration, without apprehension. Only from this perspective will you remain conscious, patient with everything around you, living this second of your linear time.

If you don’t believe it, do a simple exercise. Whenever a lower feeling cause you pain or bother you, stop, breathe, look around and at the details at your side. Turn to the now. If you do this, you will feel an immediate sense of security and relief, because everything is fine now. Everything else is not known or is gone.

So, remaining present is also exercising your patience, your love, your compassion, your mercy and, above all, your humility. Because when you look only to the present, your ego loses control and begins to perform its function, which is to protect you against the impending dangers. When you are in this perspective of life, you are being a master, one who identifies with the sublime feelings of creation and does not allow the negativity to arise.

This is because all your negativity stems from bitterness, sadness of the past or expectations and fear of the future. And you have the possibility to read this lesson now, you can see that all is well right now. Furthermore, this is the best moment of your existence, because the other moments no longer exist or are not known to come.

I am Master Rowena and I keep the flame of love. I come to tell you to stay present, because this is the only moment you can ignite all your love. So do not miss this unique opportunity.

I thank you with all my heart, my children!

Master Rowena

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson: March 10, 2016

Translation: Jeferson Henrique Ferreira