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Saturday, March 26, 2016

From the dissolution of the ego comes peace- the myth of the Phoenix - Elohim Claire

My sons,

There is peace around you, in that moment. Feel! You are at peace, in a deep and benevolent sense that all is well. There is purity in you.

I'm Claire. I uphold the energy of peace and resurrection because it is through your inner peace that you are accessing the deeper layers of your I Am.

So feel this energy of the purest peace that I radiate to you, my beloved, for it takes all of your being in that instant. It's soft. And you feel that deep well-being that this sensation generates.

They are energies available to your being, my son, because your world is being radiated by energies of high vibrations, such as we now transmit to you.

But it is in this peace, in this wonderful energy, that we have seen you speak of all that your world is going through at that moment. Because many will ask, "how to maintain and sustain this peace in a world with so many challenges that are presented?"

I answer that all these challenges are dissolving your ego, your reason, because you can no longer explain so many changes that are around you. And in this logical absence of explanation, his ego undergoes a process of dissolution. For if it were not so, he would not bear the pressure of all that he sees in his physical reality.

I tell you, my beloved, when you are faced with the most challenging situations of your life, you go through a process of dissolution of your support base that was all that you trusted. And in that moment you then feel the deep love and peace that has always been within you.

What would be the dark night of the soul but a process of dissolution of the ego, where the deep momentary pain, where apparently the light is not seen at the end of the tunnel, and the horizon is dark and hopeless? This process, from that moment on, radiates from the depths of the soul a new being who resurfaces to blaze his peace and his love to all around him.

It is because, when you lose the foundation of support you trusted in your world, you are bound to let go of your beliefs. These were precisely the bases of support and predominance of his ego. Then, in this process, you dilute the roots of your attachment, and all that is left is your loving center of peace and love.

There is a collective process of cleaning up the moorings to which it crosses, where all values, beliefs, bases are in dilution so that in their society a new model of life resurfaces. The foundations are diluted, so that an updated model shines forth to radiate its peace.

I say, son, this process of dissolution is the analogy of the phoenix, the bird that dies to be reborn even more beautiful and strong of its own ashes. Because when there is only ashes left, there is nothing left to cling to, nothing to lean on except to start again in a more authentic and light way.

So do not worry, because the horizon is beautiful. He is of peace, for the moment is of resurrection. Follow through your flow, in confidence, that the moment of rebirth is ever closer and will be much more beautiful than you imagine.

In the service of the beloved Master Serapis Bey and of all the fraternity of masters, I am Claire, sustained of the flame of peace and purity in this world. And may this inner peace be the resurrection of love.

Elohin Claire

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - 03/26/2016

Revised: Solange Yabushita