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Friday, March 25, 2016

About a life in abundance - Lady Master Pórtia

Dear brothers, may the blessings of love be enlightening you.

I would like to address a recurring theme in your daily life, abundance. It is an energy that opposes failure because, in abundance, everything is available to your being.

For long eras, they were trained to believe in the difficulty of obtaining their resources. You get caught up in this idea of ​​the lack in the future, and then start to allocate resources to a future that may not come. They use all the arguments to justify the fear of failure, that tomorrow they will be old, that their children may need, and so on.

So this fear of failure will stop you because, as long as there is availability, you set aside an amount to guard against future turbulence or unexpected difficulties.

But they forget that they are co-creators and that their focus attracts experiences. Then, as soon as they have the reservation, the experiences they have attracted begin to emerge. That value they obtained with so much sacrifice served their purpose, which was to be used in an emergency situation.

But if instead of that thought, you turn to the now, where everything is available and you allow yourself to flow in life, you would stop depriving yourself of so many immediate possibilities to reserve for the future.

Of course there are dreams to be put into practice, but if instead of focusing on the future lack you focus exclusively on gratitude and trust, believing that you are loved and supported and that you are able to attract the experiences necessary for your being next to the universe?

See that we do not say here to focus on a want, but rather, on a longing to always have the best in your life. We say that you work, reserve the money because you believe that a particular good will supplement you in some way in your experiences. But weeks or days after the acquisition of that good, it is not even that important anymore. At the same time that you have forgotten it, you have also left behind the effort you have made to acquire it. In fact, possibly, you have begun a new effort in the search for a new dream. So, this cycle repeats itself in their lives, always in this continuous effort to obtain something.

Or, you can save only by thinking about the difficulties you may face at a later age. Difficulties that will inevitably come as this has been your focus for many years, so you will attract that reality.

But if instead of focusing on the future lack or acquiring something that is valuable, you live without fear, without fear, without a will, just being with each day and believing that tomorrow will be even better than today. So every day when you get up and go to bed you say "thank you for everything I have today and I bring the certainty that tomorrow will be even better."

If you began to live under that focus, flowing, without the need to deprive yourself of so many experiences for an uncertain tomorrow, you would live in abundance today. No, in the sense of buying and consuming, but of feeling the happiness of being in the now, in the confidence that everything will always be well.

My beloved, if you were to experience these words feeling abundant and confident, in a short time your life would have a huge change, for you would place yourself in the flow of creation and opportunities would arise in your lives. If you put yourself fully into that energy, you would be like a magnet to always attract the best in your life.

In this energetic and vibrational condition, the universe provides them with absolutely everything. And we are not saying here only about financial resources, but about love, happiness, prosperity, because it is your energetic condition that is creating its day, its next year.

So if you think that tomorrow you will not have enough and believe it, that will be the experience you will attract. If they think that in order to acquire something they have to sweat or work hard, that is what they are attracting.

But, on the contrary, if you place yourself in a position of thanksgiving and trust by the flow of life abandoning your egoistic and materialistic wants, then the magic begins. You stand in the stream without privation, recognizing yourself as deserving of everything, trusting that tomorrow will be even better. So that's what they'll be creating.

It is up to you, children, to choose what you desire, to choose your vibrational condition and the experiences you wish to attract into your life.

With great affection.

Lady Pórtia

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - Mar 25, 2016

Text revision: Solange Yabushita