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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Letter to the Brazilian Nation - Master Jesus

Beloved brethren of this Brazilian nation,

We came today, supported by the peace of our hearts, to tell you about the process that this nation is going through at that moment.

You, Brazilians, whether born or resident, live in a multidimensional etheric nation. You are responsible for anchoring love and peace on the planet. It is a missionary homeland in the sense that you have a responsibility to stabilize the interdimensional etheric field of humanity.

Beloved ones, you have united in a karmic process of transmutation of a missionary nation, a nation that is on the center of planetary love. Then the emotional destabilization of this nation will produce effects on the collective consciousness of all mankind.

Understand the conflicts that this nation experiences from this perspective. The process that the collective conscience of this nation faces in that moment causes them to overflow in sadness, in tears, in doubts, in fear. And this produces effects in the etheric field of the human collective in vibrational terms. There are forces that are provoking this reaction, beloved ones, because you reside in a world center of anchoring of powerful affective energies that radiate from there to all the humanity.

The Great Fraternity of Ascended Masters, through its representatives, has been acting incisively on this nation. This has been done through our brothers on Earth, whether in the dissemination of words of empowerment, or through energy anchoring or other works that develop in a variety of ways, including in their physical sleep.

We came here to alert them of the moment that nation is going through, where a conflict is set up that has as its only purpose to withdraw them from their center of power. That is, use your power against you. For, beloved ones, you are withdrawn from your center when you assume an energy of division. In this energy you divide the unifying consciousness of that nation and replace it with lesser energies of hatred, anger, judgment, revanchism, and so on.

Remember, my beloved, the lesson that brought you into my physical life. Give Cezar what belongs to Cézar and be at peace. Remember the love I represented in my physical life on this planet. I, too, lived a harsh political reality, but I did not cease to keep in devotion to our Father. Remember, children, the greatest lesson of my existence, and that this missionary nation came with the duty to anchor: "love one another To others as I have loved you. "

Do not let children, inferior feelings, remove them from their sacred center, because in the end you will return to our Father's home and then remember that the kingdom of our Father has many abodes and that therefore his kingdom is not in that place . It's a lesson that sooner or later everyone will remember.

Do not undermine your spiritual existence by dividing where God has united you. Keep together in love, anchoring the energies that radiate from this sacred center, which is this nation. Love each other. Forget the political illusion. Leave it to Caesar for Caesar and live in peace because soon, when you return to the Father's arms, the only thing that will be with you will be your trajectory and everything else will show itself as the illusion that it is.

And I leave you, beloved ones, but I ask you to remember the lessons that I anchored in the collective conscience of humanity, with the help of all spirituality, through an example of unconditional love to absolutely everyone. Be that example, at that moment, for humanity needs its balance, its peace, its love, its union.

From your loving brother.

Master Jesus

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – Mar 16, 2016

Text revision: Solange Yabushita