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Friday, March 18, 2016

A Hymn to Peace - Euripides Barsanulfo

Beloved children of this missionary homeland,

Verily I say unto you, lift up the veils that surround them, that in love and brotherhood they may join in the missionary purpose of this country.

I am the one who comes to remind you of the purpose of this nation today, for you were the ones who agreed to live on a planetary love center, anchoring the unification of everything that was divided into your world.

In this country that unified the planetary divisions welcoming in the most dark ages of humanity all those who sought for a beloved homeland. This country that has welcomed everyone in a splendid cradle - who is called a gentle mother, - because she has always had love for yet another beloved child.

It is a missionary history of formation of a multifaceted, multicultural people, in which cultural miscegenation led them to unity. Unity, not on grounds of equality, but on the acceptance of diversity. A nation whose main characteristic is receptivity, which is destined to be the mediator of the conflicts of the world.

This is called the "homeland of the gospel" because it brings the love of Christ into your heart. A people that has as its symbol a "Christ with open arms to receive all. "A welcoming nation that many have received to become their beloved homeland.

This is the Brazil of the immigrants, the African people, the navigators, the fugitives. The Brazil of the Japanese, the Italians, the French. A Portuguese people who call themselves Christians, but pray for Oxum and Oxalá. A people where a mosque is next to a cathedral, and they do not see anything abnormal. This is Brazil, an intense dream, with a people that is its lively ray because it smiles, because it dances, because it plays soccer and because it is loved in everybody.

A people that is received by all with a smile on their faces, because they also received the children of all nations. A suffering people, but who never left their gentleness aside, who never gave up the hand of the needy and who, therefore, built his example of unity.

O beloved country, O gentle mother who, to the children of that soil, is Brazil. A people carrying on its mast the golden yellow, the blue of the seas and the sky and the green of the forests, and in the center a globe, - symbol of union, - together with the white of peace. How many symbols does this beloved country have, of fertile soil, abundant water and unlimited resources! A blessed country, in a blessed soil, with a people blessed by its history!

I say to you, beloved ones, you are this missionary homeland of love, union that has in its banner the words "Order and Progress". A motto that is wrapped around the symbol of union and the white of peace and brings in its meaning "Love by principle and Order by base, Progress by the end." It is a country that wants order, that wants to progress and that brings with it the union, because love is its mission. And with that be an example of congregation.

Therefore, children of this mother, may eternal love be their symbol and the glories of the past transform them into the peace of the future. May this golden land, where fields have more flowers and woods more life, do not forget that there are also more loves in your bosom. Oh, beloved homeland, O missionary homeland, that accepted to bring the world its unity in love, you are Brazil!

May the children of this streamer remember their mission on this earth, which is to be love. May they bring to the brethren their example of peace and unity and not accept anything that will take them out of this way that God created.

I leave you beloved, to reflect upon the symbols of this nation, which is destined to be world union. Honor your mission, Brazilians, by anchoring the lessons of the One who is on the waters of Guanabara to bless you.

Euripides Barsanulfo

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - Mar 18, 2016

Text revision: Solange Yabushita