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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The tenuous division between the new and the old - Lord Kumara and Lady Master Venus

Beloved ones,

There is an empowerment in the air, you bring back that which was always yours, the power of authenticity, the wisdom of the essence, the unconditional love. They are wonderful energies that return at this time, which grows in their hearts to blaze their gifts of the soul.

You come in contact with these powerful energies that transmute old habits, old ways of being, so that the sacred gifts that they bring in their beings will be reborn.

These gifts, which we tell you, are related to your ability to look, to be compassionate and loving, to manifest your talents and wisdom to those who cross your path.

How many doubts do you have at the moment? How many inner conflicts are you experiencing? Where the old man became uncomfortable and then that inner desire for something more, for what is not well known and maybe not known yet. But it is a fact, you all experience this inner discomfort, which causes a certain anxiety, a restlessness that causes them to be always busy. That, beloved, is the new you coming to the surface. Old life no longer suits your vibrational reality.

The effects of these emotions are diverse, some will engage in games, with social networks, others will seek meditation and contemplation as a benevolent form of quieting, some will still do exhaustive physical activities, there will be those who will sink into work and even into Lower flight habits. All these are ways or attempts to soften this inner pressure that they feel, that discomfort that can sometimes translate into deep pain. As if this whole quest was a temporary anesthesia that prevents them from feeling what is happening within them. But they really find themselves in their sacred sanctuary, through meditation, where they can, through deep peace and well-being, balance the whirlwind that naturally leads them to seek something for relief, and when they choose meditation, they find there the true medicine. All these pains and whirlwinds that torment in the background is an internal call for interiorization so that, through this, dissolve this whirlwind in the aura of peace of its inner sanctuary.

You are in a moment of great mobility, where monumental changes are occurring. And you, beloved ones, feel these energies, feel this vibration that is in the air. You know that imminently there is something going on. And then, you yearn for that freedom, for this new that is already in the vibration around you. This is because you are in a fine line between the old and the new and can feel the vibration of these two realities, as if both vibrations, both dimensions, were already coexisting in the same environment. The new is before your eyes, but still experience the old.

But this new is not only externally. In fact, it is the inner, this yearning that is allowing a change to suit them external reality, to the new ones that bubble in the center of their hearts, in the depths of their souls.

These sensations that lead them to restlessness, that in the same day or minutes have different poles of humor and understanding about something. You experience extremes! But that's what drives them downtown.

You feel different emotions, the opposite poles, from euphoria to lamentation, from passion to hatred, from wanting to repudiate, from trust to fear. But these extreme sensations lead them to seek their centers of balance, to meet in love. At some point, even if you fight against it, you do not support it, and then you stop to understand each other, if you study. In this moment, you take care of those emotions that bubble to take them out and then bring them to balance. You take charge of your essence, of your truth.

Brothers, beloved, when we say to interiorize ourselves, we are at the bottom asking you to understand the need to manage this whirlwind of energies that you experience, moving the mind aside so that the soul prevails, so that you seek the essence of your hearts.

These movements of sensations, of emotions, lead them to the expansion of consciousness, because it makes them realize that they are more capable than imagined, stronger, wiser and possess infinite possibilities in their beings. They are great and skillful. And you already feel it at some point in your day.

I tell you, beloved, that what you experience will be something that will nourish enormous gratitude as you expand and withdraw from the veil. Because it is a time when you have an opportunity, never before seen, to face up to enlighten your beings on the way to perfection.

How many conflicts daily cross your paths? Do you think it's just you? But not! Everyone is experiencing this process! You have a habit in your world of just sharing your glories, your achievements, as if others were living in the divine perfection of the ascended kingdoms. But no, my children, you are still in an environment of confrontation, of enlightenment, and this leads you to prove yourself to show what you are.

I tell you, because from our perspective we see this, there is not any human being at this moment, who is not experiencing this whirlwind of sensations, because that is what will cause them to gradually dilute the veil to manifest the changes they so crave.

I am Lord Kumara and today I bring this message, with the beloved Lady Venus, to accept this inner reality that you are experiencing, as well as to understand the unusual behavior of your brother on the journey, for you are all experiencing this moment of expansion.

With a lot of love for everything they represent.

Lord Kumara and Lady Venus

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - Feb 16, 2016

Text revision: Angélica T. Tosta