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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Secret of the Safe – Lord Emanuel

Feel the loving energy of these words. I bring them from the bottom of my heart, as a gift to rest in my arms. You have a friend here who loves you very well. And do not doubt these words, because we are together, you can feel me in that now.

Close your eyes for a minute and have three deep breaths. Relax! Breathe again! All your tensions. All your doubts, your fears, let them go. They are going along with those breaths. Exhale all those feelings that no longer serve them. One last deep breath. Do you feel lighter?

This peace, my beloved, it is not I who radiate, it is you who produce. Because she's in your heart. You are this peace. But at this moment, there is an energy with you, a loving feeling of deep affection and affection. It is I who am here, your old friend, Lord Emanuel. Feel this love energy that I take to you now. She is always within reach, just call for this old friend, that they remember me, that I will be there.

My beloved, now that you have opened to receive me, because in these words I leave a little of myself with you, listen to what I have to tell you. I'm your big brother. One who has lived a little longer, so take advantage of my wisdom as I receive yours.

There is something in your interiors that need to be redeemed. This something is stored in a safe, which has some magical secrets for them to reach. You have inside that vault the most important thing that the Father has given you, which is your self-confidence, your love for life, your joy. Inside this very safe box is endless happiness, and then you look for the code to open that box. It appears to be a very complex code, almost impossible to discover.

There is a great race for this code. You all dispute what is inside that box, because there is abundance, there is love, there is everything you need. He who opens this box will be a great fortune, and he will be guaranteed all the happiness that God has reserved for his beloved children.

So you spend years, lives, behind this great secret that will free you from everything. There is a legend about this vault: the one who opens it will have endless happiness.

But then, one day, a lucky person has an idea that perhaps the secret of the safe is: it is impossible for a single person to open it. So he goes out telling his friends, family, everyone he knows. And these people feel the truth of that story and tell others. They begin to unite, together they want to get that secret and, from their heart, they know that when they come, they will share their blessings there, even with those who doubted history.

They begin to unite, people around the world hear that story, believe it. But what is inside that vault is so big that they know and feel that it will serve everyone. On a certain day, all these people, with great faith, gather around this box and by magic it opens.

They wonder why nothing happens. There is nothing different. But there is a note in there, and when one of the members of that movement reads it, he says: "The secret of the safe is love, mutual trust, recognition of the Universal Brotherhood." Now, you will have your self-confidence, your love for life , Your joy.You are all brothers and the trust you have for each other has made the magic that will bring you to full happiness.You have succeeded, you have recognized your union and now you are free to build a new world. "

This is a parable that I leave to you, my beloved brethren, to spread this news. Contain this novelty, that the safe is opened together, from honest and disinterested love. Tell this to your brothers and build this world of love.

I am your friend, your brother, Lord Emanuel, and thank you for helping me open the chest of your hearts.

With all my love.

Lord Emanuel

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – Feb 17, 2016

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta