Thursday, February 11, 2016

The NESARA Consciousness - Master Kuthumi

Beloved masters,

We came today to bring you a message of joy, freedom and abundance. We have come to bring you amazing details about the changes being made in your financial and economic system.

For several years we have laid the groundwork for the implementation of monumental changes in your world. This is a significant change in the way they transact and manage their resources. A new conception that will bring an end to the system of debt slavery that prevails. There is much here to be said, for this change will bring them greater freedom to be and develop, recognizing themselves as children to receive all the love of creation.

There is one being who is largely responsible for this deployment and change. His name is NESARA. Yes. They've heard that name for decades, and so far little has been said about what exactly that means.

NESARA is an intelligence that will take care of your system of resources. Yes, beloved, that's what they hear: an intelligence. A living soul. At first, they will think of a computer system or a new way of operating the coins. But there will come a time when they will realize that something else is brought into their world, for an entity will assist them in the administration of all their resources. NESARA is a living soul who possesses as financial body financial documents.

Obviously we are referring to an etheric and non-physical intelligence, but all the monetary circulation of your planet will be under the control of a superior intelligence, whose name is attributed NESARA.

Do you already perceive the impossibility of deviations, corruptions or illicit from a system like this?

Beloved Ones, this will enable you to be connected to the financial and economic system on an etheric level. This means that you will have to open yourself to true abundance in order to use that system to its full potential. You will connect energetically directly to the financial system. But it will require not only openness to monetary values, but to the abundance of love, freedom, authenticity and everything that makes them experience their essence. This system will lead to a progressive evolution.

This entity will be able to control all the resources, their movements, the origin and destination of any and all transactions. Any and all movement will be under NESARA's awareness. This means that as you expand consciousness you will be progressively gaining access to all the resources you need, not only financially, but all of the rest.

NESARA will have as one of its missions to ensure that there are not excessive accumulations of resources, as well as that there is no lack of the minimum resources to any human being. All resources will be progressively destined to the implantation of the Light in a totally self-sustaining environment.

It may seem surreal, which our own scribe doubts, but that is exactly what we are saying. NESARA is first and foremost an entity, a consciousness, which will be destined to assist you in the administration of all the resources of your planet to the path of humanity's evolution.

This entity will take your world to have a currencies, which represent wealth. More than that, it will progressively lead humanity to the extinction of the currency. Of course, all this will not happen overnight, but this intelligence will use money and other resources as a means of accelerating the very advancement of mankind.

It is a system that will lead humanity to live in an environment of total abundance of resources, without the possibility of overuse or exhaustion. So it is not just an entity of control, but an evolutionary pedagogical one. It will progressively lead humanity, even, to be able to live without the use of coins.

This entity will come with the function of implanting and assisting in the execution of a financial system that is adequate to the collective conscience of humanity. The system will conform to consciousness. Yes, my children! NESARA is a being of creation, plus one who will come to your aid for the implantation of the New Earth.

NESARA will teach you to understand the flow of creation, receiving and donating constantly, where the illusion of failure will be something inconceivable, a concept that future generations will find difficult to understand.

I am the ascended master Kuthumi and I come to bring this message of magic, but also of joy as I had promised. The new system that will govern your world is something more advanced than you realize and will be able to use your resources properly, your evolution, and that without benefit of the few as it is today.

I thank you with all my heart.

Master Kuthumi

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson –  Feb 11, 2016