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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Some developments in the implantation of Nesara consciousness - The Group

Beloved ones!

We came to tell you about some developments that the implantation of NESARA will bring to your life.

We have already told you that a new financial system will be implemented to consolidate a new world. This system will lead humanity to live in an environment of total abundance of resources, without the possibility of overuse or exhaustion, as well as that there is no accumulation or lack of any human being.

We also said that this system would be implemented by an entity, NESARA, an intelligence that will take care of its system of resources. It is a living soul, a set of higher consciousnesses that are united to a common goal, that of assisting them in the administration of all their resources. NESARA, as we have said, is a consciousness that has financial documents as its physical body.

In the implantation of NESARA a group of souls will first connect to this consciousness. It will be given the first mission of distribution, materialize and destination of these resources. This group will be guided by this awareness and will have as mission the materialization of this orientation. It is a system that will form from the Light, so those who have Light will assume that responsibility first. Some souls, we can say, more advanced and who have accepted this great challenge, having been for many lives prepared to assume it, will be connecting energetically with this intelligence to administer these funds.

NESARA will elect its administrators for the Light. Then, this entity will come with the function of implanting and assisting in the execution of a financial system that is adequate to the collective conscience of humanity. The system will conform to the collective consciousness, but first through people energetically apt to assume such responsibility. These elect will then compose this consciousness. We say, those who first administer these funds should be linked in soul to this mission, to that conscience, otherwise very little can be done. There must be a genuine will to divide, to foster wealth and equality, enabling all to develop.

Remember, however, that everyone should progressively connect to NESARA. You will connect energetically to the financial system. As we explain, it will require not only openness to monetary values, but to the abundance of love, freedom, authenticity, and everything that makes them experience their essence. This system will lead them to a progressive evolution, but for their proper use, their vibration must adapt, their behavior must change, because their Light should lead them, progressively, to have access to all the resources that they effectively need, not only The financial, but also the spiritual.

However, we have seen them position on some changes that this process will bring about. First, however, we leave a question for them to answer honestly: how many would be effectively prepared for financial change? We say, prepared, in the sense of trusting in true abundance, of bestowing what is being trusted that there will never be lack, because the flow is constant. More than that, how many would really be engaged in the modification of their habits, in the loss of privileges in favor of a free and eradicated humanity of poverty?

Remember, you were educated in a system based on race, competition, not harmony. A system of debt bondage rather than one that leads them to an understanding of the flow of creation. So the change of habits and behaviors, in intrinsic terms, is something inevitable and desirable.

Humanity wants the release of funds, but have you thought about the responsibility that this will bring to you? The administration of these funds is a lot of responsibility because the intention is to create equality through personal empowerment. That is, it is not giving by giving, but giving by creating conditions of personal and collective growth.

NESARA will require wisdom in the use of resources, so it is a consciousness that will guide them. No human being has individually the degree of development to operate something of such magnitude. The use of these resources will require the energetic connection to that consciousness.

But we will talk about some developments. Beloved Ones, the eradication of poverty involves changing a series of habits and customs of your world. Its social system is based on exploitation. But you all do that because you were educated.

If everyone, however, has access to all the assets of life, some professions, some positions, will inevitably be extinguished, within the current conception and the way they operate. Humanity must find other ways to carry out these activities through new technologies. For example, if everyone has the minimum assets of life, mankind should rethink the form of disposal and treatment of the garbage produced. Or do you think someone dreams of working with your trash?

Some professions that do not dignify the human being because they expose them to unsanitary conditions will be extinguished in the way they are currently carried out. Then the installation of these funds will put an end to a series of "comforts" and behaviors that they possess. And at this point one will see who is at the side of the Light and prepared to operate such a system as to forsake his personal comforts in favor of the dignity of every human personality!

NESARA will require a constant opening for changes in habits and customs, since, as we have said, it is not only a control entity, but an evolutionary pedagogical one. It will progressively lead humanity, even, to be able to live without the use of coins. This intelligence will use money and other resources as a means of accelerating the very advancement of mankind.

The installation of these funds will end up with many "comforts" they currently have, where human beings work on the social margins to serve the wealthiest. Obviously, the return will be in Light, in freedom, in dignity, in the evolution of the collectivity. Well, notice how you need people serving you, serving you all the time. Do this observation exercise! Is it possible that this will continue in the same way if everyone has access to the assets of life in an unlimited way?

And we tell you that your current financial system is sustained by your habits. They have learned a selfish way of dealing with monetary resources. For this reason, NESARA will have as mission the reeducation. Your world currently needs servers because it is built on the foundation of inequality. So it is the collective consciousness of humanity that sustains the present system of servitude.

Otherwise, notice how your jobs, for the most part, do not allow full development. They restrict their activity by serving, forbidding that they are authentic, in essence, in the development of their activities. We are referring to the end times to those works that brought them pain, fatigue, suffering, endless and endless toils that did little to add them in terms of Light.

And we do not say this to them in the sense of diminishing them, or that they henceforth abdicate everything they possess. No, but to question and begin to observe how your world is organized and what it will mean equality and release of funds in your day to day. Yes, the abdication of a series of comforts that their system of servitude brings them, in favor of those with less access to the goods of life.

It will be a time, then, in which many will be giving up jobs that do not allow the full development of their potentials. The call of your higher aspects will bring you into the Light. There will be no more time for you to give your time to the lesser forms of organization in your world.

You will see people migrating to jobs that dignify them, talk about their essence. There will be a great development of the arts, small organic agriculture, new technologies, laws, healing activities and everything related to the divine essence of each human being. People will seek to attend and thus provide services that improve and develop the community in which they will be inserted. Having the necessary means of living, there will be no need to undergo long and tiring daily toil that says nothing about its essence on the earth plane. This will imply a profound change in your social organization.

All of you, therefore, will have great responsibility in the implementation of this new system, which is not only financial but also social. You will have the responsibility to implement means of personal empowerment, as well as to accept and allow the profound change that this will cause. The change will be constant, so you will be exercising the detachment from your habits, behaviors and customs.

Together, a series of new technologies that will be released will enable a smoother change. Many of the activities that expose humans to harsh survival conditions will be replaced by the technologies that will be available. This is because the Creator's plan is perfect and will lead to an environment of greater happiness, fulfillment and freedom.

The freedom we say, beloved, then, means breaking the bonds that bind them, breaking the bond that binds them. It is to let, so that each one seeks his way according to his heart. A new world will be built with no strings attached to them, not without rules, but without bondage and without bondage to dictate behavior. This is all love, because love releases, respects, does not bind, allows. A world of love is different from what they imagine, from what they have learned, because it respects, and is free. Look how this simple concept is still difficult to conceptualize. So, open up to change. Something new is coming up.

We are a collective consciousness and, together with the beloved Master Saint Germain, we bring you these brief words of guidance in representation to a collective consciousness of benevolent beings.

The Group

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - Feb 25, 2016

Review of text: Solange Yabushita