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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

About guilt – Lord Maytrea and Lady Kuan Yin

Beloved children of our hearts!

There is a feeling in the air. There is something different that pervades your humanity. Look at you. They are no longer the same ones from a few years ago. Notice how much expansion has occurred. Remember the beliefs you held and compare with the best understanding you have.

Much progress has been made in recent years. But now, because of this advance, they are at a time when much will come to the surface. Many of the ancient energies that were stored inside are reappearing.

This means that they are cleaning up old experiences, and with that, some past aspects can resurface. They may have to face old feelings as well as face old behaviors. It is the ancients who are facing you as a final polish to shine the new.

We say this, children, so that you understand that often what you thought you had healed might come about as a new confrontation. Just breathe and focus on your sacred hearts and then let go. There are small energetic remnants of old experiences that need to be healed to move forward.

But it is from now that we have come to speak to you. Not from the old. We came to tell you about the pains they experience at the moment and that they can bring them a common feeling: guilt.

In those times, there is a lot that comes back from the past. Facts that were hidden, hidden, began to surface. Some of them can be seen in their media, which will try to hide them, although it is no longer possible. Big denunciations are occurring. Everyone feels the need to heal their karmic processes. Remember, everyone has their guides, angels, and mentors who are constantly reminding them of who they are. And for that reason, ancient experiences will be brought to healing.

This will occur on a personal, group, and even nation level. So, beloved, we leave this short message for you to understand this process of preparation. It is done lovingly and compassionately. Just accept these experiences.

This process will bring you a common feeling at this time: guilt. Emotion that is connected to a sense of failure, of penance, that something could have been done differently. But, dear ones, remember that you are expanding right now. And the decisions that they consider less elevated, were precisely the ones that brought them here. It was these decisions that presented you with their obscure aspects that led you to the expansion that you yourselves verify and confirm. They were benevolent experiences of walking.

However, pain is recurrent from the feeling that something could have been done otherwise, with greater wisdom. Wisdom they possess because they have passed through experience and now can do differently. But how could they do differently if they did not know the results?

The cures of these experiences, therefore, will always be in their interior. We know from your perspective that you may think that you have sometimes caused pain to other walking siblings. But, beloved ones, you must heal from this pain and remember that they, with the help of their guides and mentors, should also heal from theirs. You are not responsible for the pain of others, only those that you already have and that are not few. Acknowledge the mastery of your brothers and their ability to forgive and forgive each other.

All of you are brothers and were helping each other in growth and in personal confrontation. There is no guilt here, but the one that is in your heart. The judgment that they think they have over you is your own judgment because we see ourselves in our own inner perspective. If you let your sense of guilt go, you will soon be releasing your brothers so they will also forgive you.

These experiences that cause them pain are nothing more than experiences. You knew that you would go through them, because they were part of the game you entered when you accepted this mission, which many said was impossible to accomplish, but they did through their love. You knew you experienced these emotions. So it's okay!

I leave you now with the beloved Kuan Yin, who will give you simple exercise to relieve any guilty feeling you may face in now and in the near future.

Imagine the situation that causes you pain, as well as the people who have been involved with it. Imagine now a great golden light coming over your being and feel the best solution to that situation. Let it come into your imagination.

Now imagine this conclusion that was presented to you already occurring and all surrounded by a brilliant violet light. Ask forgiveness from all the actors in this and you. Feel the relief this will bring you.

Then, after feeling this relief radiate everyone a bright pink light and throw all your love to those people. They might feel it. Ready. On an etheric level, the situation was transmuted, healed. And you? Have you forgiven yourself?

Now, my beloved, polish your thoughts. Always imagine the situation healed. Do not nurture any lower feelings to your siblings. As I told you, healing is interior. You will be able to repeat this process whenever lower feelings take you in relation to that situation.

I am Lord Maytrea and I am Lady Kwan Yin and we love you deeply, and we ask you to let it all go. Experiences are necessary to bring you Light. But remember: everything you experience is a great illusion and, in one way or another, everything has already been cured from a non-time perspective.

Lord Maytrea and Lady Kuan Yin

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – Feb 23, 2016

Text revision: Solange Yabushita