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Thursday, February 4, 2016

About forgiveness - Master Saint Germain

Children of the heart!

We are bringing you a brief but powerful message today. We came to tell you about forgiveness. The act of forgiving and thus, acting with your brothers.

Forgiveness, along with gratitude, are two of the most powerful energies that will bring you to the balance of your bodies, to well being, to being in resonance with all that is.

They are forgiveness and gratitude of two energies that remain united, for it is as if one were the other side of the other. They are distinct but inseparable. There is no forgiveness without gratitude, gratitude being a face of forgiveness.

Experiences in physical life impose personal confrontation on you. You are facing the path of enlightenment. This confrontation causes you to make contact with your children, with your aspects still in development, leading you to personal growth.

Thus, you must face any experience that is presented to you as a great development opportunity on the way to mastery. There is no single experience other than an opportunity to seek.

The experiences, to a large extent, are orchestrated together with their mentors and their superior aspects. And in these planning, not infrequently, brothers are brought out to accompany you, helping you to cope. (Laughs). They will be assisting you through your darkest acts. They will be making you look at each other often, as if you are in front of a mirror.

Know: Those external acts that bother you the most are the best ones to get you to open your inner children, your developing aspects. At other times, it will also be an excellent opportunity to get in touch with lesser aspects of your siblings and thus test your mastery. In all of these experiences, therefore, there are opportunities for coping and growth, so there must always be gratitude to them.

We know that often your brother's act will challenge you deeply in the depths of your being. However, there will always be, as we have said, an opportunity to develop your mastery or to face its lesser aspects. They will be reflecting through their siblings, as if they were in a house of mirrors.

Beloved ones, whenever something annoys you, draws you from your center of balance, look within you and wonder why something external is still bothering you. If you look deeply and sincerely, you will fatally find a lonely child within you, a shadow to be enlightened and in need of love.

Understand loved ones, there is nothing external that takes you out of inner peace when you are in perfect enlightenment, for in that state your beings will always lead you to the path of love. So whenever an act done by another takes them from their center of balance, there will be a great opportunity to seek, to know each other in greater depth and thus to evolve.

Then thank those blessed brothers and sisters who lead you to look within yourself, often leading you to the pain of selfish feelings such as humiliation, contempt, anger, hatred, envy, or pride. These brothers are showing you who you truly are. They are not showing themselves, as you think, but rather showing how you are!

In order to take advantage of these opportunities, you must flow without guilt, without self-judgment, without penalizing yourselves for still possessing those feelings. Because whenever you keep, you hold those emotions, you are closing the flow in your lives. As we have already told you, human emotions can pass through you, but you must not dominate them. They do not have the power to control you if you do not allow it.

And whenever you guard these human feelings of hurt, bitterness, and hatred, you block those emotions, lock your beings into imbalance, and decrease your vibration. You hold back the flow of experiences by keeping such emotions to the point where they often lead to loss of physical health.

So you feel those human emotions brought about by those acts practiced by your walking brothers, but you release it through gratitude.

Yes, my beloved ones! The act of forgiving is first and foremost an act of thanksgiving for that experience that made them greater, higher, less childlike in their still obscure aspects. You look into yourself and the pain or rejection that the experience causes you, causes you to overcome.

Thank, my children, your brothers and sisters who stand in your way as an instrument to look at each other so that you can reflect on where you are developing. Remember if! If something external takes them you out of equilibrium, the problem is always within you. So thank them for the opportunity to take care of what you do not know.

Gratitude leads to forgiveness because it leads to acceptance, recognition of the inner divinity of all the children of creation, trust in the flow and providence of God. When nothing else is able to withdraw you from your mastery, from your balance, then you will be in perfect enlightenment with ALL THAT IS. You will be trusting that all is well in all creation.

I thank you with my blessings and all my love.

Master Saint Germain

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – Feb 04, 2016.


Translation : Patricia Nogueira