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Monday, February 29, 2016

About the flow - Master Serapis Bey

Dear brothers!

Every moment that we return an immense joy fills us. It is always an opportunity to have closer contact. As you read these words it is as if, for a moment, our energies interact more intensely in love, because these texts open them to receive us, so that we can draw closer.

I thank you, brethren, for your faith in these letters. These are magnificent moments of expansion of your spiritual consciousness. Not that there are no other ways to get this result, but here we always have a great opportunity.

So we came to tell them about the flow. The flow of life, of emotions, of feelings, of experiences. On the flow of your personal confrontations. And we will bring a lesson that is fruit of the observation of nature, because it is teaching us to flow because nature often teaches us and shows us what life is like. Watching it is a door to great wisdom lessons.

So stop to observe the mouth of a great river to meet the sea. There is a constant interaction between the river and the ocean. The latter, much larger. So why does not the ocean invade the smaller river with all its strength and grandeur? I tell you: because there is a fluid interaction between them.

If we look at the river at its source, we will have the impression that it is flowing steadily. This is how you see it from your perspective. But at its mouth, the tidal phenomenon, in interaction with its moon and the movement of its planet and everything else, controls the flow of that river.

At high tide, the sea invades the river and makes it difficult to flow. The force that the sea exerts on the river in this period makes its flow difficult, but soon after, with the low tide that pressure is softened, then the river returns to its normal flow. Then the river flows at different speeds throughout the day, because at its mouth there is the ocean that dictates its rhythm.

This river follows its course, sometimes draining, sometimes returning with the force of the sea and there will be even some moments of balance between the sea and the river, which will be characterized by a softness in the waters. As if, for a brief moment, the world of that river was paralyzed in its throb.

Such is life: now they will flow at great speed; At other times, they will suffer great pressures to the point of returning a few steps. There will be moments of momentary calm where nothing seems to move. This is how life flows.

So we came to bring you a new set of sacred teachings, about the natural flow of life. How is the flow of feelings, emotions and experiences. We say about the process of experiencing that flow toward the ocean, the return to the Light of creation because although there is a natural flow, you often prevent it from flowing, not following the example of nature flowing with life. The river does not fight the ocean, because it does not have the strength to do so. There is the moon, the tide, all the gravitational force of the Earth and the solar system dictating its flow, so it waits for the proper moment of creation, so that its flow will be given again.

We do not say this so that they remain inert, but rather that they understand that some situations must be experienced as delivered to them. You must heed and follow the signs that life brings you.

Often experiences are presented to you, so you begin to fight against that without first understanding why it is being experienced in that way.

Let's give them a very simple story, but they should expand it to other experiences. Use your perception!

There was a fruit that was on the ocean and it was brought to the shore, by the waves, to the sand of the beach. A passing person gave him a slight push, so that he would return to the ocean. But life insisted and with a new wave brought that fruit again to the same place that was. There was a sign of life there so that the fruit would be left in that place, in the sand. This person tried, but the signs showed him that it was not the flow of life, because the situation returned to his original condition. It was brought to him a sign that that experience should be experienced as it was being presented.

But you do not accept this sign, because you often do not realize that there is not only your will involved, but of all of creation. So you fight and suffer with situations that are in your life just to teach you the flow of life. You try again to throw the fruit into the sea, even if you have no control over its fate. They need to understand that a situation has moved, and the effort was in vain, because there is something else there to be learned. It was the force of creation that brought them to that experience. It is up to you, then, to experience it in peace.

But not! You spend all the time classifying experiences as right, wrong, good or bad. And they forget that "all are experiences". Look! You have experienced so many experiences! Many of you have forgotten them because they have passed through you. Others, however, have marked you deeply, and you then return to that situation for months, often years. Whenever this occurs, you block, block the flow, make it difficult, and fail to accept that experience as delivered. So you start fighting that situation. You wear out, you get tired, until, at a certain point, your exhaustion leads you to surrender.

At that particular moment, the wear and tear is so great, that you stop the fight and begin to accept the situation. That brings you peace and a brief day you realize that that experience is no longer to be repeated as before. It is as if the river realizes that it does not have the force to move the sea, then it is waiting for the low tide to flow again.

Understand, beloved, that experiences come and should go. But as long as they are being experienced they must be with acceptance, within the flow, following the signs of life, just as the river does, as well as showing the sea in relation to the fruit. When the creation flows, the experience will be released from your life, because it has lost its function. You are creators, but co-creators because you do not create alone, that is, there is not only your will, but a natural flow that will lead you on your way, so that you experience what you need to experience in physicality. It is a spiritual law.

Do not try to return the fruit to the sea again and again, to fight against the tide, when the creation gives the sign that you should not do, because you would make an effort to modify something that was conceived in that way. So if you accept that this is the position of that experience and do not fight against it, experience is experienced with a spiritual consciousness on an earth plane.

Observe this law in your lives and live the natural flow of your existence, seeking the meaning of life, of the experiences, seeking their evolution. And understand the experiences in this natural flow. You will feel a great relief in your existence, as you now feel, as you come into contact with this way of seeing life.

I am a master Serapis Bey and thank you for having followed your flow, because when you were in the place you had to be and experiencing the experiences you had to experience, you could get in touch with our energies and with these lessons of nature or life.

With all my love.

Serapis Bey

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – Feb 29, 2016

Text revision: Solange Yabushita