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Saturday, February 13, 2016

About the Divine Grace – Masters El Morya and Mirian

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today we came to bring you a message of love and kindness. We have come to tell you about the divine graces. We say about what has been guaranteed and offered for them to seek enlightenment.

To all of you, my beloved, was granted free will. Since they entered this game of physical illusion, they were given autonomy to decide their walk. Although all the existing help is offered to them, even though the Father knows their pains and scars at the core of their beings, no interference will be allowed in their walk, without their express authorization.

The Father trusts fully in his mastery, in his power, in his divinity, and he gives him the opportunity to develop freely. In this way, deviations have been committed, which in fact have become great lessons about yourselves. The deviations serve and served to show them the correct way, which is related to who they are, to their divine essence.

Beloved Ones, we are telling you that you turn aside to take notice of your own darkness, so by highlighting its darkness, you can enlighten it. Obviously this path is painful, many times. But it is he who leads them to growth, to full happiness.

Along with free will, the Father also brings some responsibilities, among which one is known as the Law of Karma or Law of Return. That is, whenever they deviate, they will have to return and recover their pains, heal their scars, as well as those of their traveling brothers.

Yes, my loves! This is also a divine grace because it represents the unconditional love of the Father, who always gives opportunity for his children to rescue their lesser decisions. Together with the law of the rescue of their soul pains, the Father blesses them with the illumination of their infantile aspects, still dark. The very need for ransom leads them to the path of enlightenment. Conceive, beloved, the perfection of the divine plan, in grace.

These laws apply in your life, mind you. There is nothing in your life that is not in absolute perfection. The pains they have internally are opportunities for redemption, for enlightenment, for surpassing oneself. So you use your free will and, in common agreement with your mentors and guardians, decide to bring certain experiences into your lives so that you can receive the grace of enlightenment and spiritual evolution.

It is you, my beloved, who creates all the experiences you face at this moment, from the most painful to the most sublime. But in all of them it was you who asked them in divine grace to the Father. The Father, for their love for you, conceives of them the experience most suited to their evolution and enlightenment.

Obviously from their perspective they will say, "I would never ask for all that I face!" And we say, "Yes, you desperately asked for a new opportunity for rescue and learning, for a new attempt!"

Everything they have in their lives is in absolute perfection to divine grace. Remember, almost all of you have experienced innumerable other lives in this project that have been inserted, physical life on earth. You yourself often do not know the source of your resistances, your limitations, your deepest pains. For the veil prevents them from having access to this information. But these pains that bring with them all have an origin in a previous life or in that same life, in which an aspect of yours, in development, has led to an extremely painful experience that brings its effects to this now. This pain they feel is a divine grace, because it is she who will cause them to be transmuted and developed on the way to completeness and perfection.

On the other hand, do not forget that in physical life, in divine grace, everything is fleeting: pains and even life itself. And it is precisely because they are transient that nothing belongs to them, family, friends, material goods, profession, everything is experience on the way to enlightenment and in divine grace.

However, this same veil does not allow them to visualize the great scene, but even so, you, through your free will, can ask your angels, guardians and mentors daily to present you with the great scene to understand the reason for the experiences they experience .

But, beloved, remember an important fact. When you ask for it the ego will try to tell you otherwise. It will make you feel despised, victimized, unloved, disabled, but even that is a grace. Overcoming the ego will make your essence stronger and more prevalent. The existence of the ego is a divine grace to its essence.

But, my children, there is still something important to tell them. This same law of action and reaction that brought them the confrontations, brings them numerous blessings. That is because, all of you who are reading these teachings, without exception, have performed marvelous acts of enlightenment and bliss in your world. So you are loved and supported because you also have a huge positive karma. All of you, although at some point they have strayed because this is a human being, they have hit the road most of the time, if not practically all. If it were not so, they would not receive the divine grace to experience physical life on this planet at a time when so many blessings and opportunities surround them. To be in that now is a great divine grace that they have attained, for as we have already said, there are many souls who would like to be in their place experiencing an experience that gives them unprecedented growth.

I am the master El Morya and I come today to bring you a message of grace for all that you represent and are.

I am Master Mirian and thank you for the grace you give me when you dwell on these teachings that we bring to you.

With great love and admiration, your brothers.

Masters El Morya and Mirian

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - Feb 13, 2016