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Friday, January 15, 2016

Turn sacred teachings into personal works - Lady Master Nada -

Beloved children!

It's a beautiful opportunity to get close to you. Our hearts are filled with love for each one who interrupts their activities to seek the sacred teachings. This is faith.

Greater faith is still made when you, through these letters, seek to modify old ways of being, old behaviors. This is an act of devotion: to recognize the need to manifest the teachings we bring to you.

Blessed, my children, it is not those who know the teachings, but those who bring them to themselves in reflection. Those who have sincere love in their hearts and are, all the time, to internalize, to seek, to bring to life each of these teachings that we transmit to them. This is an act of devotion to the Father and of self-love.

Great are those who have as purpose their personal evolution, who recognize the opportunity that the Father grants them in this life and seek their reform and improvement, facing each other.

My fellow believers, this is work that must be done with serenity, with forgiveness, without judgment and without penances. It is a real and true quest. That, children, is love in devotion to all that is. This self-seeking work will bring them to the balance of their bodies, to detachment, to flow in essence, and to recognize themselves. This is the reason for so many experiences that the Father presents them in the physical life: that of becoming one in essence next to his purposes.

Physical life imposes a series of experiences, of the most diverse. Some challenging and others more enjoyable and dignified. There are those that emphasize their beings and others that appear to diminish them. There will be those that will bring great joy and even euphoria, as well as others that will bring great sorrow.

All of these experiences will lead you to deep learning about yourself and how you react to the most diverse situations. These experiences, if they allow, will be an endless opportunity to get to know each other and develop. But it takes balance, detachment, and serenity to recognize them.

Understand, beloved! The experiences that are presented are not you, but you are there to teach them and to add to their beings. They come. Then you prepare yourselves before them because you receive them with the understanding that there is a possibility of improvement, of knowledge and of great learning.

These teachings prepare them to deal with wisdom in the face of these experiences, being a source to assist them in the process of personal confrontation. But, beloved brethren, in the face of all these experiences, the centering, the inner gaze with balance is what will lead you to your development.

That's because, true wisdom, children, is in their hearts. Add the information that we transmit to your beings in wisdom, looking at yourself internally and seeking your reformation. Look where these letters help you and remember these teachings in the face of the situations that arise. It is an important instrument of self-seeking.

Thus the answers, beloved ones, are not in the experiences neither in these letters, but in their hearts. That is where all your wisdom lies, and it is only you who will be able to seek, to internalize because this work nor our Father, in all his benevolence, will do for you. It is your responsibility. With love and forgiveness, you must seek out these experiences, for there will be the answers to your growth.

It is up to you to seek balance in the most diverse situations and to seek where these experiences bring you inwardly applying the teachings to your lives. This work, that of inner reform, is up to you, through the love of your hearts. Use sacred teachings. Bring them to you, convert them into works in your favor, to your development, for then you will love each other and you will be devotees of yourselves and of our Father.

I am Master Nada and I bring a message of benevolence, in communion and devotion to our Father: "transform the sacred teachings into personal works." "That is our intention to bring you these letters."

With great love,

Lady Master Nada

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - January 15, 2016