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Saturday, January 2, 2016

The separation of their energetic centers from love – Master Serapis Bey, Archangels Gabriel and Hope

Children of Unity!

We came to tell you about the energy of surrender, which will lead you to flow, to well-being, which will lead you to love, making you reborn in the fullness of hearts.

Reverences are provided by the creation to each one of you, masters, who are allowing themselves to follow the inner intuition, the one that brings the heart to it. Its energetic loving center that holds the flame of God, is energetically interconnected to the energy of the creative source. By coming into contact with these energies that are in their sacred hearts they resume all their fullness and elevate their bodies to more subtle vibrational levels. You will also be awakening the energy contained in your sacred DNA, making contact with your gifts and with all the information contained in your existential record. You are revered for leading this process.

By permitting this process, they will be flaming the energy of their sacred gifts to all who put themselves in their radiance field. It is a powerful process of developing your beings in the midst of the physical plane, as well as the expansion of your soul in benevolence to all humanity.

But masters, for this process to be manifested, it will be necessary for them to release their beings from density, to place themselves in trust, to allow them to flow into their lives.

Know that this process of release is not always simple and smooth. Yes, he will challenge you. It will bring to the display everything that was stored, it will expose its darker side so that the light can invade and treat it with the love of creation. This process will shake them and all the dust saved, all obsolete energies will be brought to the surface. It is as if they were in a large centrifuge that will separate each of their aspects so that they can treat them and integrate them back to unity, but in a clean and clear way. This process is given by the heart, its center of love, which will bring them to the unity of intentions.

Masters, you have accepted the density that you have entered. Their hearts were separated from the other energetic centers of their bodies. This process was part of your experience. Thus, all its energy centers were disconnected, devoid of the loving energy of the heart. In this energetic confusion, they had to balance. Their spirits could not be in completeness, for the various energies that surrounded them were isolated from the energy of love, for their hearts were closed to energy integration. The sense of separation was brought by this process.

Archangel Gabriel

At all times they suffered from great energetic confusion in the dense environment they entered, for, as Master Serapis Bey explains, their energetic centers were separated from the heart. The heart is their loving center, where the purest energy of love radiates their bodies from that center of love.

In order to create an environment of separation, their bodies, from their energetic centers, had to be separated. Then their heart center did not communicate with sexual energy, speech, intellect, and power, taking them out of the stream and leading them to trust in the mind, in rationality, to the detriment of love that only the heart Leads them. The speech was devoid of love. Decisions were made rationally: their conduct was through ego and imposition. The mind led them to control, to the fear and to the illusion of survival: this condition led them to attempt against themselves and their brothers.

The separation of their energy centers that leads them to the sense of separation from themselves has been the biggest obstacle they face in density. There has never been separation, but in the environment they face, all their energy centers are separated from the heart. Love ceased to be the driving center of its beings. That is why so many acts of folly can be seen in your world. When love ceases to lead them and the mind controls them, the energetic imbalances of their bodies manifest themselves in the external world through greed, exacerbation of self, unbalanced use of sexual energies, manipulative and offensive speech, Intellectual responses where wisdom is left out. This imbalance without the measurement of the love that everything is, has led his world to the chaos that they see today.

But, beloved ones, your loving heart centers in those times reign in its prevalence, and then the whole divine essence that you hold in your hearts is revived. When the love of your heart is blazing in unity with the other energetic centers of their bodies, the immaculate plan of the Father will again be presented to you.
You have a sweet, loving essence by nature, for there is nothing in creation where the loving energy of the Father is not present. He loves his whole creation and therefore love is in everything and everyone. However, as they close their hearts and separate their energetic centers, their beings begin to seek again the source - love - which is their essence.

They thus encountered the pure energy devoid of balance which only love of the heart assures. This process allows the imbalances brought by the ego to manifest in accordance with the accumulation or closure of energy in one or more of its centers. The lack of love and the isolation of the heart blinds them and opens the opportunity for the practice of follies.

Your love center will be uniting to the other energetic centers, where the sexual energy is unified to the love. The speech becomes loving and the intellect leads them to think of a loving and wise solution. The ego is controlled because your heart will be filtering your mind with love. Everything is in the unity of love, because its centers are in unity.

This process will lead them to ascension, placing them through love of balance, the development of mastery, the radiance of peace and the healing of all their bodies. More than that, love will be releasing all the information and energy contained in your sacred DNA. You will be returning to fullness through the irradiation of love in your bodies.

Archangel Hope

This process will liberate their souls, bring to manifestation their divine essence. You will become Gods in physicality, in the full extent of the word. They will be free. At this point, there is no more restriction nor illusion, for they will be love in manifestation from their sacred hearts. Love will radiate wherever they are and even where they can not even imagine they are. They will be love in the domain of their bodies and souls.

This is their primordial condition, which they only abandoned, so that they could enter into this game of separation. The separation of their energy centers was the factor that allowed them to experience all this illusion.

This is the moment, then, to return to giving prevalence to your love center - the heart - and to remember to listen to everything. It will not always lead you to the more comfortable path. They will not always understand it from the mind, but it will always lead to well-being. There will be times when they will question themselves and say, "That brought my heart to it"? But it is only he who knows where his darkness is, what they need to clean, but they will only do it if they confront these aspects of him. As long as they listen to him, he will do this work, show them and cleanse their density so that they return to fullness.

The mind will question them, but in time they will no longer hear it because, unknowingly, they will be in such a wonderful flow, where everything will flow into their lives, where help will reach them with grace and ease, where you will be without The moorings and tricks that the mind imposes on them in an attempt of protection.

They will be in this moment of absolute surrender in the flow of love, where creation will provide them with everything, absolutely everything, because they will be in resonance with all that is, in communion of purposes.

We are Gabriel and Hope and radiate their world with the flame of ascension that will help them in this magnificent process of recognition of what they are.

Surrender to the heart because it will guide you on the path of returning to fullness.

With love.

Serapis Bey, Gabriel and Hope

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - Jan 02, 2016