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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The illusion of separation, still on the emotions - Master Serapis Bey -

Children of my heart!

Today I bring you a message of welcome, of compassion, so that they attenuate and move away the feelings of separation, of sorrow that permeates these times.

There is a feeling in the air of lack of something, a longing that is not well-known than, a feeling that something is missing, an inner feeling that they need to seek something new. But I tell you children, that this emptiness is an illusion. I know you have heard this and that such a statement is not able to replace what you feel in your emotions.

Ah, human emotions, something we have already brought you! On that occasion he told them that these emotions should flow over their beings to allow themselves to experience these human feelings. Feelings and emotions that would pass over you, you would feel them, you would experience them, but they would not dominate you. Because there is something greater in you than these human feelings, that is your soul, your I Am, your heart.

So, this longing, this emptiness that often afflicts them is a human feeling. Because their essences know they are larger than what they feel. You know that, internally, you have an aptitude that reminds you of the source, which brings you the remembrance of the home, the light of our Father.

Because on another occasion I have already told you that to be human is to experience, to experience, to feel these afflictions, this longing, this emptiness. That is to be human, to feel the absence of love, the feeling of inferiority, to consider yourself less wise than this brother who speaks to you. These energies enter into your beings, but then you seek, you interiorize and your essence comes to show you who you are.

The human essence leads them to have this feeling of separation, that you are one and your brother is another, that feeling of solitude, of the longing to feel intensely the love of our Father in everything that is. That is to be human, to feel this emptiness, this solitude. But, beloved, it is this feeling that leads them to seek, to grow spiritually because, see: if they are separated from everything, what remains for them is their heart.

We have already told you that love is in your heart, there is power, there is wisdom. So, to be human is to feel this solitude, but to seek within yourself the sacred source of God that is in each of your hearts. And when they realize this, they start to grow exponentially because they take care of everything they are.

This feeling of lack, of loneliness, of a certain melancholy, they no longer dominate them, because as they look into themselves, you make contact with all creation. So these feelings do not dominate them, but allow them to expand, to develop and to return fuller than they arrived because they know each other better.

It is clear that the human feelings that the illusion of separation brings them lead them to confront and challenge themselves. But know, beloved, that this will bring you immeasurable growth. You are becoming even bigger.

So, this longing, this emptiness they possess internally are human feelings, but you live and have fun with them, for they are accompanying you. You experience these emotions because that too is a human being. This is also being on a physical plane where they are apparently separated from the love of creation. But his essence knows that this is an illusion, because they have never been separated from anything.

Our scribe feels us. There are many of you who already feel our presence and all of you can do it as long as they allow themselves, as long as they accept our approach because we are all brothers. By the way, I'm here now, by your side, can you feel me? Because I feel your beauty, I feel your essence. You are not far from us. We are one energy in this environment.

Children, this is a welcome message, so that you can rest for a minute and be able to differentiate what is a human feeling, a human emotion, from what you are in essence.

I thank you, beloved ones, for being willing to be there, seeking, evolving, facing each other. You are noble souls, just feel and know exactly what I am talking about.

I am Serapis Bey ascended master and I love you with all my heart. Feel my love in these words and in the energy that I radiate in that moment. Just feel it.

With great affection.

Serapis Bey 

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – Jan 26, 2016