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Saturday, January 30, 2016

The childhood flavor – Paolo Veronese

Beloved masters!

It is an honor to drive them brief teachings of harmony, understanding, to absorb this wisdom and make your days lighter, smooth, fluid.

Today I present something warm to settle your soul and, amid all noise surrounding them, if snuggle her brief moments of peace, tranquility and stillness.

Get away from it all for a few minutes and delight with these words like a bit of your favorite meal. Take this moment to you, like a delicious tasting of something very tasty, because that is your main food. One who nourishes his soul. The tastiest dish of anyone who has ever experienced. So it’s a single point of delivery and assessment.

Whenever you stop these foods delight of the soul, seeking to do with appreciation, with dedication, so that they can absorb them incorporating them in wisdom, to their way of being. Because the simple cold reading marks on paper, just add them.

When you make contact with the teachings we pass them, try to get a moment of stillness. Although there is the noise of the world around you, look for a place of comfort and solitude or a more quiet moment of your day.
As you read these brands, feel the energy they bring to them, the feelings that cause them and feel this wonderful moment, as well as delight those flavors that remind them of their childhood.

When they experience a prized childhood food quickly they are sent to those childhood moments of tenderness and joy. Because that flavor was incorporated to their being unified and that experience.

Likewise, to make such an assessment with these words that deliver them. Enjoy them, feel them, look them internally, because they incorporate into their beings and, whenever faced with these situations, will be sent to these teachings.

This changes the way they see each other and how see the experiences. Modify the emotions that cause them and are changing their behavior to expanding to all that is.

The most elaborate dish in the world does not cause you that feeling that your child brings, because that taste is connected to a point in your life. These words we give them, then they must be felt, enjoyed with love and surrender, so that they incorporate their beings. Remember, we deliver the sacred lessons of wisdom and expansion that should be appreciated. As well as the flavors remind them of their childhood experiences will refer them to their hearts through these messages.

We already asked you to “turn the sacred teachings on personal works,” but, to do so, you need to integrate these energies that will add to those already carry in their hearts to expand them to the path of mastery.

Beloved, this is a brief and short message, but fundamental to understand why they commit these sacred teachings: for that incorporate their feelings and transmute their reactions to situations presented to them.

I am Paolo Veronese, Love Master radiating from your hearts, and I thank you for giving in a brief moment of their existence to these words, which are actually energy we deliver them with all our love. If you allow us to approach will be to change the way we experience these messages we transmit you.

Remember: the taste of childhood will bring us the tenderness of young age of innocence.

These messages refer you to love, wisdom and inner power that hold in their hearts. Because with these teachings, we give them a bit of our energy as a gift, for giving us the opportunity to nurture love. This is the greatest gift you can give us and it is my request today incorporate our love.

Paolo Veronese

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – January 30, 2016

Translation: Leony Nogueira