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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Of love without judgment - Lady Master Venus

Beloved masters! 

Greetings! We have come today to tell you about the inner changes that are taking place in the last years and which will come from now, as well as their reactions to them. 

You are facing each other! However, understand that this confrontation is programmed in conjunction with your mentors and in harmony with your superior aspects. These challenges come into your life so that you touch them and make those of your darker aspects enlightened. More than that, to make them face those blocks or restrictions that society, life and yours have imposed. 

There are certain behaviors that have been reiterated in their lives, because you truly believed that this was your way of reacting to a particular situation. This repetition blocked them, because it was not their natural way of being, so you would get caught and it brought you anguish, pain, fear, but still, they continued to do it that way.

In recent years came situations where most of you had to come face-to-face with this, prompting you to reflect on whether that was the only option in front of your life or whether there were other ways to face those facts. 

Because, you see, as you change the way you see a particular situation that repeats itself, you inevitably begin to have another kind of reaction to it, so it changes because you begin to react differently. There arises a lesson, a growth and a new behavior. 

Then they had to look, to face each other. So they have had great personal challenges to overcome in recent years. 

But understand that not everything that is a challenge to your being will be to your brothers. That is, their ease can be their challenge and their challenge the ease of them. Then, in such cases, you should never compare yourself, penalize yourself, or disparage or criticize your brothers, for each one is going through his own process. 

In the same way, understand the different reaction of your brothers, because often the childish aspect that they see in them is only a sign that, in that point, you have already developed. On the other hand, there may be lower aspects in you that are pointed out by them, for we all possess our children, those aspects that are shining on the way to completeness. And there is no problem there! 

Beloved ones, realize that everything in your life has a purpose, which is the coping for your personal development. So many of you are going through and facing personal issues, often extremely painful to your beings. This is development and this is our Father's plan. 

As you develop, you release, let go of yearnings, fear, anger, feelings of inferiority. They are ever closer to their positions of mastery, personal ascension. 

I tell you that everyone goes through this process today. But many will say that the problems of others are not as complex as yours and would be simpler. That, brethren, from your point of view! Do you know the pains of your brothers? Do you know the bruises they bring inside? So do not think so! This is judgment! 

As I have already said, your superior aspect is the inferior aspect of your brother and vice versa. What you should do is to reach out your hand in love and benevolence, not by placing yourself in a position of superiority, but by showing that there is a solution to that situation and perhaps you can support it in some way. 

This is love without judgment. But know that whenever this opportunity comes, you must understand that there may be an obscure point of your brother there, just as you have yours. There must be respect for human feeling! 

In the same way, receive the affection when a friend, a companion reaches out to you. Have humility to accept this gesture of open heart to receive it. Many times he has been sent to you because of a request for help, so do not deny this aid! 

We know that this personal confrontation often leads them to the limit, just as it leads to their brother. But in these situations, there will always be two possibilities: to exercise your mastery through understanding and welcoming with love, or an opportunity for growth, of personal development. It all depends on the side of the coin that is in that situation. 

Be humble, both to acknowledge and accept your darkness, and to understand your brother's journey. 

Beloved, we have said it countless times. Your world will change from you, from your own expanding consciousness. But, you see, what we call problems we are presenting to you as dignifying experiences. They will lead you to look at the path of enlightenment so long for. Experience these experiences with love, understanding and peace in your hearts. And do not judge your brethren by some of their most obscure behavior because they, at what stage they are, also seek their own enlightenment with the aid of their mentors. 

I am Lady Venus and I come to bring you this informative message so that you understand the situations that are presented to you from another angle. As you said, by changing the angle of vision, you are changing your reaction and your behavior to the opportunity for growth. 

It is with much affection and love that I say goodbye. You are much loved. 

With all my love. 

Lady Master Venus

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – Jan 28, 2016