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Friday, January 8, 2016

An individual conclusion will never bring all the elements of what the collective wants - Lady Master Rowena

Dear brothers!

Happiness surrounds me in this moment of the now because I can feel them. I see your light, which is shining in the translucides of the beauty of yours beings.

I come today to complete a cycle of teachings that will facilitate the way to the ascension, because it will lead you to know them in a deeper way, to self-reflection, to the inner search and to the flowing love. This will not be the last of the teachings, but here a cycle of them is finished for others to complete.

There are innumerable factors that involve ascension and each one of the masters comes to bring them conclusions that have been taken from studies done by each of the dispensing houses of our fraternity of masters. The letters we deliver are not those of the signers, nor of those who transcribe them, they are conclusions brought by the houses of the fraternity through the harmony of intentions in collaboration with the masters.

In our sphere, nothing is separate or isolated, but rather, there is a flow of information that is energetically aggregated by all involved in a single conclusion. It is a process that they still do not know because it involves acceptance and delivery without restrictions, full confidence that from the set of knowledge will make the best conclusion. This requires self-abandonment, respect for the other, wisdom and understanding, trust in the flow, and total detachment.

Understand, my brethren, that there will never be a more correct or better opinion. Yes, there may be the prevalent one, which may not always be the best conclusion. The conclusion is made from the resonance and the communion of hearts detached from any wish for oneself. Do you see why they identify with them when they read the letters? Because they are made from a collective process of mutual intentions. This is one of the most beautiful processes we have in our fraternal brotherhood.

Delivering your own desires on trust and acceptance that the best will happen without keeping any expectation as to your individual formulation. This process produces the most beautiful Christian teachings ever seen by mankind. In fact, many of his texts that are called sacred are made in such a way, although some have been modified from their originality.

The basis of this process is love in trust. It is an energetic process where there is no attachment. There is respect and wisdom in benevolence to creation, in a genuine willingness from the best to the collective. Individual opinion is an important part of the whole, but it is not the whole. It makes it up because it will always be incomplete. Recognize this universal law: "an individual conclusion will never bring all the elements of collective will."

Ever seen someone who did it all by himself? Or did he have an earlier starting point to formulate his conclusion? And its conclusion will also be the departure for "another" that comes later, until another truth is found. But even after a long process, this truth will always be transmuted because it is incomplete in itself. Creation never stops. It is always recreating itself in search of new experiences.

Children, why so much attachment to your individual conclusions if they are incomplete by nature and will only be completed in the whole?

But does this imply that they should abdicate their conclusions? No, but deliver them to the flow, without attachment, because if they are genuine and founded in your heart, others will use it. It will be part of the final result, but it will never be the right one or the only one right. Turn in, trust, keep your bases firm, but without the necessity of proving, demonstrating, or arguing as it was the right one.

Your heart will always tell you, but it will also say in a collective process of forming a better intention, which adds to all hearts.

Children of the light, how long have they lost to ardently defend a single opinion because they do not understand that it is neither right nor wrong? His conviction adds to the flow that will form a conclusion. If you trust, you will know that the flow will form a beautiful building. Thus are these letters made, with absolute surrender and trust, without attachment. This is delivery. That's trust. So they resonate with them!

You remain convinced that your formulation will add to the whole, even if it does not prevail. Do you conceive the beauty of this process? We know that this is not the way to see each other, but strive to understand it, for they will put you in the flow of trust in acceptance.

This is the flow of self-confidence, with acceptance of the whole. You can remain convinced without wanting to be understood. Conviction is interior and will add to the collective. It is a process where love for oneself and for all prevails. It’s a rule, if understood, would avoid many misunderstandings and egoistic disputes in dismay.

I am Rowena, teacher of love, and I bring to your hearts a teaching of self-understanding as well as unconditional acceptance. I want you to study them so that you accept and put yourself in the flow of personal evolution.

With all my love.

I am Rowena

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson- Jan 08, 2016


Translation : Patricia Nogueira