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Sunday, January 10, 2016

About Master - Master Confucius

Beloved masters!

May they regain their mastery in these approaching times.

But first, what is the meaning of the word "Master"? What does a master do? That's a great question.

A master is a human being who has already transcended the material expectations of life. He is no longer concerned with the aspects of survival, of the fear of loss, no longer has the illusion that all life is limited to what they can see, feel, or have. It recognizes the energy of the flow that guarantees to the children everything they need and then it becomes.

A master is a loving being, who is recognized by gentle gestures, pleasant voice, good humor, constant gentleness, someone who wants to be close. Because the master does not demand anything from you. He trusts, he knows, he radiates love. Her energy contaminates those around him because it is authentic.

Authenticity, another characteristic of mastery that is always on the side of balance. He has his conviction, but he manifests it with respect, without exposing himself, nor to his brothers, because there is always balance and love in their ponderings.

A master trusts. Then, facing the obstacles, he moves away and waits for the solution. He knows that that incident is there for his growth, so it is not part of his being. He remains isolated in his being, protected, because he trusts in the Father and in divine providence. The solution will come, allowing you to act at the appropriate time, without previous disappointment.

A master never imposes his will. His brothers accompany him, if they feel resonance with your energy. He allows. Let all those Be, just as he is. There is respect, because even in the darker manifestations of his brothers, he sees an opportunity to learn or to radiate his light. That makes a master.

The master is wise. He knows human nature. He knows that as a child of creation he moves energies with his thoughts and feelings. He has knowledge of the energies, so he controls his reality because he knows the invisible universal laws.

But there is balance, but not weakness. His conviction is unshakable. He acknowledges his mastery, then hears his heart. He is indomitable in listening to his inner truth. There is inner conviction.

The master is happy, because his heart is his guide. And there is no unhappiness.

The master recognizes the forces that work around him, but remains in balance, even though they are in opposite directions and are many. He will focus on the heart, which is your guide.

Not easy being a master? No, I tell you. They are masters by nature, as long as they allow their soul to prevail. They leave mastery when the mind, in the attempt of protection, controls them. The mind does not understand the heart, but the master knows how to keep it close to his being.

Therefore, masters, we say: resume your mastery. They are masters by nature, because mastery is within their reach. It's your nature. Let you hear the heart, let you be gentle, loving, convinced, wise, let and accept! Trust! Just allow yourself to be in essence, because that's all and much more.

For this, you must train yourself. And you have the greatest opportunity ever given by all creation to develop yourself in your mastery: the physical life of it now on this planet. It is the greatest opportunity of all and many would like to experience it. Be grateful.

In fact, another attribute of mastery, gratitude. The master thanks because he accepts and trusts. So he is grateful, recognizing himself as the creator of his reality. Yes, because if he knows that he has moved the energies of life, he is responsible for his life. Then accept, in gratitude, the experience he has created.

A master knows that he is supported, so he is always open to acceptance. He understands that giving and receiving must balance. So he is benevolent, but he is always open to help. That too is trust.

The master is. He does not test, he does not induce and he does not control. He stands at his center and watches life. Let the river run and watch him with curiosity, seeking new lessons, seeking to know himself.

A master knows himself, or at least confronts, tests himself, seeks. And, in so doing it, he falls, too, but he does not blame himself because from his falls he takes great learning. This is the great joy of your life, masters!

His life is fun because he sees it as an enriching experience of seeking, of self-knowledge. Life is interesting, because he seeks and amuses himself with it. It is accepted, even if it comes across its darkness. He sees it and laughs, saying: this is me too. Come here, my dear.

A teacher is and can say: I am what I am.

I thank you, masters! I recognize you in this way because it is you, in essence.

I am Confucius, guardian of divine wisdom and I love you deeply, masters.

Master Confucius.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - Jan 10, 2016


Translation : Patricia Nogueira