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Monday, January 4, 2016

About Love - Master Saint Germain

Masters of the heart!

Greetings, children of the stars! May the peace of our Father accompany you on this journey. May they be, with all freedom and abundance that the Father destines to his beloved children.

Today we are talking about love. The love they deserve to give themselves.

When you love, life will flow to you, you will no longer give up being because of external opinions. By loving, you will allow yourself to surrender to your heart and you will be in all its essence.

Understand that as you become authentic you will accept it. From there, the river will descend like the current to the ocean, passing with grace and ease to obstacles and everything will come to you. When you open to true authenticity, without interest, without wanting, just listening and seeking your essence, success will come to you. They will be doing what they were meant to do, then everything will flow smoothly, in gratitude.

Obviously, in this way there will be obstacles, deviations, falls, but, as they are, as they flow, the paths will appear on their foreheads, leaving no doubt as to where and where to go. At that point the heart will speak to you, being the guide of life in benevolence to your being. This is Love.

The love you nourish for yourself will radiate into your actions. Those around you will feel this love in your gestures, in the tone of your voice, in the way you express yourself. This is flowing. To love oneself is the first step to the exercise of mastery.

By loving each other, you will be giving yourself. Being the soul, the essence, will be in confidence to all that is. This is Love! He allows, accepts and surrenders without doubt, without fear, with surrender.

I tell you, my beloved! Put yourself in the center with love, so the life will flow to you. This is a spiritual and universal rule, and there is no exception to it.

To love each other, you must know each other. Self-knowledge only exists from love and only through it is self-knowledge. They must seek him every day, without restriction and know each other, in essence. This will require study, observation, policing, discipline and a fair amount of daring. Day by day they are discovering themselves. So, challenge yourself to meet each other. Be brave. In so doing they will be contaminated by the urge to search for themselves. On that day, there will be no turning back. They will devote their lives to seeking. This is Love.

Love is also self-respect. As long as they know each other, they will impose limits on their beings. Those around you will respect you because they will know that there is a teacher there. And this will happen without a single aggressive word being spoken, because they will radiate respect to those around them. That too is love.

Love arises in the pursuit of wisdom as well. Not the cold intellectual knowledge they learn in their schools. Wisdom about human nature, about the energies available, about what you do not see, about the happiness of living. Seek the wisdom of life, for it is love.

Above all, love is happiness. Knowing oneself, respecting oneself, seeking oneself in wisdom, will be ever closer to fullness and more and more happy. This is Love. Happiness reigns in the higher worlds and you are able to bring it into your lives.

Self-love has multiple faces. And only by loving oneself will they be giving themselves up. Self-love removes fears, intrigues, moodiness, depression. He allows, accepts, and forgives everything and everyone. With love, everything is fine.

Children, understand the message! Seek and respect yourselves, for you will thus be exercising self-love. Set healthy boundaries for you and your brothers, for you will love each other. Be wise and benevolent because they will naturally be pleasant. You do not need to please anyone, because loving each other will naturally be pleasant. That is your essence! Realize that they are no longer interesting and curiosity when they bend at the will of others. Nobody loves somebody who does not love himself. In fact, curiosity is an aspect of love. Do you approach predictable and disinterested people or do you prefer authentic and loving ones? Curiosity is an interesting aspect of love. (Laughs). So do not give up your lives on a platter. Be you! Preserve yourself, for this is love and will make you more interesting.

Love each other on all faces. Train your self-love. It will put you in the flow, in the energy of acceptance and surrender.

I am the master ascended Saint Germain and I come to bring you a basic message, almost naive, but I know that many need to hear it. I love you because I love you, there is no other reason.

With all my love.

Master Saint Germain

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - Jan 01, 2016


Translation : Patricia Nogueira