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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

About the Immaculate Plan - Masters Helios and Vesta -

Beloved brethren of our hearts!

May the blessings of our Father draw us closer together in love and benevolence, to become ONE in our purposes and intentions.

Today we were given the honor of finishing a whole cycle of sacred teachings, an outcome of a series of lessons we have brought to help them in the inner quest, in the giving, in the process of confrontation, in the feeling, in order to seek the path of Ascension of their hearts.

We have brought beautiful lessons, studies from our fraternity of ascension masters. And today, beloved teachers, we close with a lesson that synthesizes all the previous teachings, the immaculate plan of our heavenly Father.

To all of you, my noble teachers, there is a divine plan that tells you about your nature, about your essence, about being harmonious with creation. There is a divine plan in which every child has a purpose. You are part of this creation, so harmonize with it. Our Father is wise, out of any predicted or possible understanding. He knows his children and allows them to discover his latent talent that contributes fundamentally to creation.

To achieve this purpose, my beloved ones must first remember that they are made of Light, energy from the creative source, or rather, you are the very source of creation. For this reason, you anchor Light wherever you are. This anchoring will be done according to your degree of growth and inner development.

Internally they have innumerable aspects, some extremely developed, where they are masters, but there are others still obscure, who need Light. Let's say that it is their children, their innocent aspects, that remained in this childishness, so that others could develop.

So beloved, you are ONE in everything, but in this ONE there are aspects that can be observed in a segmented way. There are sides, using their own language, that are growing, developing. But see, beloved, what a blessing! This is the evolution of the soul, of the essence, so that they become full and reach the immaculate plan of the Father, which is the development of his whole being so that all darkness will radiate into Light. This is the path of ascension, of wholeness , Of inner maturation, of the balance of their energetic bodies in unification of the heart.

The destiny of every being belonging to creation is ascension, fullness, return to the immaculate plane and its integral recognition. For this they need to recognize themselves without judgment, without resentment, embracing and illuminating their children, their most infantile and still dark aspects.

There is no criticism or judgment here because even we who compose the Ascended realm are treating our children and we are developing in search of the fullness, then why would they not be?

But, beloved! The immaculate plan does not mean that one day you will attain total perfection, but rather you will be able to put yourself in perfection in the now. Creation is constantly evolving, in an infinite growth, but as you develop fully you will be in perfection to all that is.

However, masters will still be developing, because the creation will also be changing, which will require new knowledge of themselves.

What we say is that they take these teachings to walk this path towards personal and global ascension, but know that they will be constantly deepening and searching for themselves, because the immaculate plan is not a constant. He changes with creation. Do you conceive the beauty of this process?

You have a fixed vision of perfection, without realizing that perfection itself evolves with creation, causing us to challenge ourselves again. This is the beauty of creation: the constant recreation of itself.

Beloved, when you come across your children, recognize the blessing of this moment. It is an opportunity for evolution, on the way to perfection, in search of the immaculate plan of the creator.

We have already said it, blessed are those who seek themselves, who become the rhythm of the now and recognize the blessings of their own personal evolution.

I thank you, dear children, for having accompanied us in this beautiful work. We love each of you with all our heart.

What we ask in the end is that they recreate themselves, that they understand that inner growth is constant and that they accept themselves as they are because they are perfect and wonderful beings in that now.

With all our love.

We are Helios and Vesta, the solar beings of this quadrant of the universe.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - January 19, 2016