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Saturday, January 16, 2016

About human emotions - Master Serapis Bey

Beloved and Missionary Masters!

We came to tell you about your emotions, about how you look at yourself and how you face yourself before the experiences of life; the human emotions, which you were taught to block and to suppress as a result of the belief that they are not uplifted.

Human feelings, emotions, children, are there to teach you. They must be experienced, lived, felt. Your bodies, your emotions render great services to the development of your soul. These feelings make you confront yourself, look at yourself, and wonder, who am I? And the answer will bring you closer to your essence, resulting in the contact with the innermost aspects of your soul, those which still unknown.

Children, there is not a single human being in this world who is not facing itself. The most unusual experiences are trying out the soul and the essence, thus, making you face one another. All human paths lead to this, to confrontation, to the experience of the soul, to the contact with its essence.

So, beloved, there are no more sublime feelings than others, since all your emotions are there to show you who you are. Human emotions, my beloved brethren, must be experienced with surrender, fully felt, because such will lead you to the development of your being, in the way of the ascended heart.

However, you were taught to block yourself, to submit your feelings to what is deemed accepted and correct. Therefore, you block yourself. You cease giving vent to your feelings by ceasing to experience and to face yourselves, due to an order that tells you about the feelings that should be accepted by you and those that should be suppressed.

So how do you see yourselves as humans? Because being a human is also to give yourselves completely to life, you are also a human being. That is the reason why they created all this reality experienced by you: in order to surrender to your humanity.

Often, even those human emotions that you have come to experience, are blocked, you hold them, making them difficult to flow. But dear ones, even to be human it is necessary to surrender to your feelings, to your emotions, so that may face your essence. Once you give yourself to these feelings, they will lead you to your own confrontation, but they will not have control over you, since you will come into contact with your divine energy, with your essence. Therefore, you will be getting to know yourselves more deeply.

Thus, emotions have not control over you! You feel them; you experience them, give yourself to them, allowing the free flow of the human energies, but up there will be your essence, your heart that will allow you to experience this process.

Humanity is something beautiful! An extremely enriching experience to your essence. However, it needs to be experienced with surrender, with confidence, knowing that there is something inner stronger than that. Then, it will never control you, dominate you.

It's like if you are on a boat crossing over the ocean. You go through the waves, they throw you, they take you to fear, to chaos, but you do not get wet. You remain focused on your essence. You go through all this ocean with surrender, with confidence, but your essence will tell you who you are.

That, beloved, is to be human! It is experiencing, experiencing, and feeling the fear, living the chaos, feeling the passion, the attraction. More human feelings like jealousy, hate, loss, gain, conditioned love, but do not get wet. This is all for you. These energies enter into your beings, but then you seek out, you internalize and your essence appears radiant on the other side to tell you who you are.

But, children, do you realize that being human also requires surrender, acceptance and flow?! You will live and experience these feelings without guilt, without penance, without self-deception, without punishment, letting those energies flow over your beings, penetrate your body and make you vibrate.

Thus, your essence will be there to observe this process, to guide you. Your hearts will be radiating your essence and human emotions will be flowing, throwing you, and leading you to your limit. On the other hand, your being will be on the boat protected from the waves and, at the end of the course, there will not be a single drop of that ocean that will have hit it, since your essence has been there all the time, protected from the ocean around you.

When you stop those feelings, when you stifle them, you hide them from you and others, you are putting yourself in resistance, trying to go against the flow, trying to push your human nature away. Nature that is there to be felt, experienced, in order for you to seek and know yourself. At the time you give yourself to this humanity, then we come closer to you once we feel your truth, your acceptance, your courage.

Surrender, beloveds, and acceptance are all we need so that we can approach. Only that! When you accept your humanity by remaining in essence you are sublimated to the whole creation, since the human vibrations, the vibrations that surround you are felt according to your surrender, with your truth, with your intention to know yourselves, to deepen in your being.

Beloved, this is a message of love, to turn away the guilt, the judgment, the fear of knowing yourself, of making contact with your Light, with your darkness, with the divine I Am in your heart. How long have you been blaming yourself? To feel smaller in your humanity when you should understand it as an enriching experience? That simple! There is no judgment, no guilt, but only experience.

What do we ask? It is that you let these human energies, these feelings, these emotions, pass over your beings, live this experience with surrender, because I tell you, there are many who would like to be there, instead, being a mere human.

With all my love.

Master Serapis Bey

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - January 16, 2016