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Monday, January 11, 2016

About the confrontation – Lord Maitreya

Beloved children,

We came today to tell you about the energy of coping with the experiences that come to you through life.

In the earthly life you are presented with the most diverse kinds of experiences, but all, beloved children, are created by you with the help of your higher selves.

You have a divine essence, which knows you deeply, which knows which experiences should present themselves to your growth. This essence is linked to your spiritual consciousness, which induces you, intuits you to create and experience what is most suited to your development. That is because, children, above all, you have entered into this great experience called life for the purpose of completing and adding information to your souls. You become greater every day, in a way never seen before in creation.

His essence, allied to his heart, knows exactly what should be in front of him, because he is wise and benevolent. These experiences then come to cleansing parts of your being that need to transmute into a more subtle and enlightened aspect. All these experiences, then, force them to face their dark, childish aspects, and transmute them to higher ones.

Thus, beloved, the experiences that are put to you are not to test them, to purge them, as they have been taught them, but to experience and challenge themselves in their personal confrontations.

Terrestrial experiences are the best way for creation to lead them, often, to limits and make them look naked, without any barriers to look. Looking at their inner essence, these experiences lead them to a state of total surrender if they allow it.

Humanity, however, has been taught to use drugs, drugs of all sorts, such as those produced by the media, to help them endure and avoid seeking inwardly. Whenever they seek outside support that takes you out of reality, which relaxes you or even dulls you in the face of experiences, you are moving away from themselves and losing a valuable opportunity granted by the Father to their development.

They do not observe that, because of what they have taught them and the material way in which they see their reality, they are disempowering in the face of experience. At such times they are turning away their power to deal with every situation that life presents them, transferring it to an outer covering that temporarily obscures their inner gaze.

In the end, they only extend something that will be inevitable, because their destiny is the condition of mastery, but before their free will they can postpone this moment by seeking subterfuge external to their inner power.

These human amulets can present themselves through the use of cigarettes, drugs such as alcohol, medicines, mental self-defense of reality through the use of their digital media or other forms created in person. However, all that supports them externally is a postponement of the interiorization, of the search of your Being, of your confrontation. They are depriving themselves of a valuable development opportunity.

The confrontation means the recognition that they are teachers and that they are sufficiently prepared to face the situations presented to them, seeking their inner strength when they encounter their inner parts still in development.

Beloved children, if you could see from our perspective your personal growth in every situation you present in your life, you would be grateful to everything and everyone. You find yourself in an environment that offers you the most dazzling situations of personal confrontation ever seen in this cosmos. Use them with wisdom and mastery.

When we say that we are talking about the energy of confrontation, we are showing you that you are masters and have all the conditions to face the experiences that are presented to you, and that you create, through the divine help of superior aspects of your Being and watch life from a spiritual perspective. See yourself as great beings in a higher school of sacred teachings. This course is to provide you with a wonderful opportunity for personal development in the midst of the subject. They will leave much larger than they arrived.

Empower yourself, beloved ones, to understand yourself as capable of overcoming all that is presented to you and remember, for this all the divine help is available to you.

I am Lord Maytrea, I bring with me the heavenly Father's divine flame of Christ and I know each one of you because you hold it in your heart. And because I know of your inner power, your strength, your perseverance, I see you as the wonderful souls who set out to meet you, defying your inner growth at this beautiful opportunity given by Heavenly Father.

With great affection and love.

Lord Maitreya

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – Jan 11, 2016