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Sunday, January 24, 2016

A new world is beginning to manifest - Master Jesus


We came today to bring you a message of benevolence, of love and expansion. We have come to talk about the probabilities of what will manifest in your linear time. There are several dimensions. There are multiple realities. There is not a single walk, but possibilities of what will manifest.

These possibilities are no longer supported by negative events, as they will all lead you to an environment of prosperity, abundance and freedom. Increasingly, the world in which they live will lead to bring them the conditions to expand, so that they have the freedom to manifest their personal yearnings freely. This is not a possibility, but the proper path that the collective will lead them.

Humanity refuses to continue in this game of restrictions. Every human being involved in this game, in her/his own way, already longs for and has already realized that there is a latent need to change the course. Humanity has already realized slavery and the few possibilities that this world offers them. There is a desire, then, for something different, new, lighter, freer, an environment that at least encourages them and allows them to be themselves..

Then we came to tell you about this set of possibilities that, inevitably, will lead you to that path, to that way of abundance and prosperity of your world; a world in which your children are treated equally, where worthy opportunities are offered, and in which inequality and poverty do not exist; a world in which peace, understanding and the recognition of differences will prevail.

See, beloved ones! This world, compared to yours, seems so distant that many will claim it to be utopian. But this is the world that lives in the heart of humanity. There is a latent collective desire for peace, freedom and manifestation of love. And I go beyond; this collective will is manifesting itself in the most tragic news shown by your media. 

Yes, beloved ones! Even in the darkness there is a search for light. Today, the most obscure manifestations are in search of love, of getting rid of all that is unnecessary to your being. Just look at the truth behind the facts.

This shift in consciousness has been changing the world. This is because the old system was built from values such as competition, dispute, fear, state of survival. But humanity got tired of this game. So it refuses to keep these old behaviors, therefore, the old one begins to crumble.

If you notice, you will already see some small changes in your media, which are nothing more than a reflection of the changing consciousness of humanity. You see arrests, reports of all kinds and you already see news of great works of solidarity. They even see websites that disclose the news we bring you. This is all being carried out by you, and then, the old becomes dissolved, in order for the new to rise.

This is the new one we are talking about.

There is a field of future probabilities in here, because there is a sequence of events, or rather a set of them that will be triggered in a sequence. Many of them are about to occur, whereas others are already happening. Just watch. However, they will all lead to the manifestation of a work: the world that is in your hearts.

Although many say nothing has changed, they will see that technology is available for free energy. It is enough that a sequence of events is triggered so that there is mass dissemination. 

Likewise, there are major changes occurring in the world economic system, which are nothing less than a preparation for the forgiveness of personal and global debts on a world scale and the consolidation of a new financial system. There is also a lot of news about new technologies that will bring you easier access to health, as well as governments that are already proposing a linear form of social financing.

This is all there. Just look. It is a set of events that are manifesting for the realization of the new world. The way and the time how all this will take form is a set of possibilities, but they are already evident.

Mankind is tired of the game, of the same game for millennia, and the people who are in charge of this system have already realized this fact, although they keep using their weapons of social manipulation to uphold them in this state. The media is the main instrument of this misinformation policy. It still works in the old way. Therefore, be wary when a certain fact is being repeatedly reported. There is strong evidence of a manipulation of the truth. Likewise, distrust when governments are publicly assessed. There will be at least a hint that this government is fighting the old one and trying to work in a new way, albeit without the necessary conditions.

The truth is at the disposal of all, open for you to see it and allow the manifestation of the new. But the new will manifest itself from your consciousness, from the change of attitude and behavior. The new world will not be brought by any of us, but it is up to you to bring it to reality as you expand awareness and understanding of what is really happening in your world.

I am the Master Jesus and I come to tell you that the new world is no longer a possibility. Just look around and see that many of the elements are manifesting. However, there are possibilities regarding the way this will happen. At this point, it will depend on how you will internally change your behavior, your way of being, with purpose of materializing this chain of events in your reality. However, the path has already been outlined and drawn. There is no turning back. You were the ones who carried it out through your own yearning for the emergence of the new. 

From your loving brother.


Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - Jan 24, 2016