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Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Threefold flame - Lady Master Nada

Beloved children! May the blessings of our Father relieve you to expand your hearts. It is always a great pleasure to be able to offer these brief words by which we convey the sacred teachings of our fraternity.

I come with the sacred task of telling you about the energies of love, the inner strength and wisdom you carry in your hearts, and the noble mission to tell you about the energies that make up your sacred hearts. These energies, which demonstrate their divine essence, in all Heavenly Father's benevolence.

We have already said that the very flame of God is stored in their sacred hearts and that they are Gods in a physical environment of restriction. The sacred flame "God I Am in My Heart" evidences all their divinity when we see them in our perspective. We ask at another time to recognize her and to respect her as divine beings, as well as to know her in her brothers.

However, there are three fundamental energies contained in their hearts: the flame of love and the creative Holy Spirit, the sacred flame of power, inner strength and faith in their acts and the flame of wisdom, by which they can recognize themselves in all their essence. In their hearts there are such sacred flames, - a breath of the creator that causes them to become the Gods themselves, but in an environment of restriction of consciousness.

As they enter this world, the creator gives them the initial impulse, which is the blessing of physical life through the breath of the sacred flame of the divine Holy Spirit. This flame will put their bodies in resonance and vibration whenever they come into contact with love. In physical life, whenever they are touched by the energy of love, something within will resonate, bringing them a wonderful sense of pleasure, welcome, completeness and well-being. Before this energy there is no solitude, you feel united to creation again!

Beloved, how many acts of folly and unbalance have been manifested by the pursuit of love! They seek "outwardly" a love that the Father left to blaze in their sacred hearts. They do without knowing that they do not need to seek it outwardly, for it is within their reach. Just access it inside.

But it is natural, dear children! As you take in the energy of love, this energy will resonate with the flame of your sacred hearts. It will bring them to a wonderful feeling of well-being and comfort. Then, they come to seek more of this wonderful sensation, which is, however, always within them. So close! ... But they make so much effort to get it, because they think they are so far away!

When they receive life, they receive, in benevolence, the flame that will sustain them in the midst of the physical plane, the flame of power, of inner strength, of their sovereignty. Call this one, who for a long time has been blazing them with a contained, erased fire, causing them to forget that power is in you. They need not seek it outwardly, in an unbridled rush of ostentation, over and over, nothing adds up. By failing to access this inner flame, then, they seek power abroad, leading them to vanity and to the manifestation of the exuberance of the ego. But, beloved, all this stems from being deprived of acknowledging your inner power, which is also guarded in your sacred heart, by giving prevalence to the mind.

They carry the universal wisdom that will always lead them to the good tone, the softness, the energy of knowledge and acceptance. When you access this sacred energy, you simply know! They no longer need to seek outside references of conduct. This sacred flame brings them to the mastery of their beings, allowing them to claim to be "I am what I am because the knowledge of the whole universe is in my heart."

For this reason, I can say that I know myself in all its fullness. I know where to go, what to look for and I know myself in the full extent of the universe. Together, these three flames bring you the fullness of Heavenly Father and manifest as a strong creative energy capable of producing the most beautiful wonders of this cosmos. These are you in all its essence!

However, as they enter the restricted environment in which they find themselves, the greatest of all difficulties is the turning away from the sacred flame "God I Am in My Heart" - the Threefold Creative Flame. As you enter the physical environment, your consciousness is connected to the physical body. The density of this environment restricts it. Then, they come to confront the energies of the physical self, the rational self, the ego. There is an inner confrontation between the restrictive spiritual consciousness and the rational self that has the function of physically protecting them from the outside world. In the beginning, the physical self will lead you to fear, to doubt, to the need for self-affirmation and control.

As they grow older, however, they balance. The I Am, its spiritual essence, begins to resonate and to prevail. Then, in a second moment, you begin to distinguish clearly between those wants and desires of the ego and the path of the resonance of the heart. This process leads them to access and recognition of the energies contained in their sacred hearts. As they move lovingly away from the egoic desires of the mind, they begin to access the sacred hearts and feel their bodies in a process of interiorization. Then, when you access it, you will be loving yourself, knowing yourself and trusting in yourself. They will be ready to co-create in a world resonant with the sacred energies of their hearts, manifesting their spiritual consciousnesses.

In this process there will no longer be a need to seek that act of love, for they will be the existential love itself. There will be no need for power anymore, for you will feel the power in you. You will no longer need outside references, for all knowledge will be in your heart. You will begin to feel self-love, self-confidence and self-knowledge. Your heart will be radiating such energies to your physical body, bringing feelings of well-being, pleasure and hospitality that will meet any need for outward seeking. They will be in balance. External searches cease. They become full in themselves. You will be presenting to the outside world this beautiful reality that is within you. All its fullness will be radiated.

See, beloved! All that you seek outwardly is in your heart: love, power, and wisdom. That is why we have said that in their hearts is all they need. Absolutely everything! The father is loving and gave them this beautiful gift. Use it. Feel it. It is a divine instrument of wholeness that the father granted them.

Therefore, beloved masters, we ask you to internalize and feel your bodies, for thus you would be accessing your sacred hearts and recognizing the energies of well-being, balance and pleasure that they radiate to their bodies whenever their decisions resonate with their spiritual consciousness.

How much complexity on the part of the Father in this energetic process! Feel the grace of our Father who has given you a complete instrument that will lead you to mastery and self-recognition! Notice, in another way, the simplicity that is in this complex mechanism, because our Father is wise and loving.

With all my love and with great emotion for this sacred moment.

I am Nada and I am extremely grateful to have allowed me to bring you this brief explanation of the instrument that is your Sacred Heart. Use this divine tool.

Lady Master Nada

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – Dec 19, 2015