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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The different ways of the heart - Lady Master Rowena

Dear brothers!

We have constantly come to remind you of the importance of remaining in your sacred hearts, in the center of your beings. Our fraternal brothers have come to you, each bringing in his own way this sweet remembrance. Each has come in its own way to warn them about the need to internalize themselves, to seek the flame that is burning in their sacred hearts. Yes, because in this flame is the love of Heavenly Father, there is the love of all creation, there is the sweetness of their beings, there is all the inner strength they have and there is universal wisdom. All this is there, within you, in your heart.

How much magic, how much benevolence they bear in their hearts, in the sacred flame they sustain because of their father's love for you. That is why we ask you to look within yourself, to follow the guidance of your hearts, for there is everything you need. Absolutely everything!

Thus we have seen them call because the time has come, beloved children, of no longer seeking external references, as well as of understanding that brother who seeks a different path from his own. Our request is for you to seek your sacred hearts, but also to understand that your brother who walks a different path completes you within the universal plane.

To listen to the sacred hearts, you must stop searching for external references by learning to hear and feel the sacred inner will that will lead you to happiness. For a long time, they sought external references about the way of understanding, of feeling, of being, about how to behave on the other. But in order to understand themselves in completeness, they must learn to feel their own wills, what their bodies ask of them, that their deep feelings guide them. This is an important first step so that you can listen to the sacred hearts.

Another important step, so that you do not get distracted in your way, is to understand that your brother may want to take a different path, because that way asks his heart. How much suffering would be avoided if they carried this simple teaching! Understand that brother who is treading his own path, though different from yours. There is no need to carry it to you, or to be carried by his. As long as you act, you will be moving away from your sacred hearts. In the same way, there is no need to expose your way, but only to tread it, as well as there is no reason for you to understand the way your brother walks, so just allow it. This is an important step for them to learn to listen to their sacred hearts, to respect each other as divine beings, and to recognize the divinity in their brother. By so doing, you will be giving prevalence to the love that the Father feels for you, following your greatest example.

Our Heavenly Father has always allowed them to make their own choices because He recognizes their divinity and knows that the only way to be happy is to respect what is in their sacred hearts.

Children of unity, respect yourselves, for you will thus learn to respect your brothers. Respecting themselves, they will be progressively seeking their inner references, no longer allowing the outside world to dictate their behaviors, their way of being. The day you see yourselves and your brothers, in unity with your will, you will realize that the difference of hearts completes them in unity.

This is what our brothers and sisters do in the ascendant kingdoms, which have already been united in unity of purpose and act as ONE, each with its share of collaboration to creation, in divine perfection.

But you, to reach this point of perfection, must take the first step, which is to stop trying to find external references. Begin to feel in your interiors what your hearts ask of you. They will always lead you to the best and easiest path.

Do not judge your brother who has chosen a different path, for that is what his heart asked for. No brother must have the same path as yours, and yet he will continue to love you because you have given him freedom, just as he will give you. This is the path of happiness and respect for intentions, which heavenly father desires to find.

Do not seek the path of your brother. Seek for yours, the one in your heart and, at the same time, do not demand that your brother follow yours. Give him freedom of choice, that he will love you and respect you in love, as a sovereign being. This is the first step of spiritual mastery, so that you learn to listen to the sacred heart, seeking what it indicates to you and also recognizing the sacred heart maintained by your brother on the way. So doing it will be touching the unconditional love we develop in the higher realms, where we love and are loved, because we respect each other.

Mind that, kids! Follow the example of the heavenly Father who has given you free will, in love and benevolence to what you are. He does so because he loves you deeply. In doing so, they will be learning to love and respect each other, giving priority to their desire, rather than what the outside world demands of them. In so doing, they will be helping to create a world of mutual respect, in which the confluence of intentions and sovereign peace prevail in all hearts.

I am Master Rowena, bearer of the ray of love, and I bring you this request today, that you may love one another and so be loved. Find the heavenly Father stored in your sacred heart, a sign of love to your sovereign being and allow those around you to do so.

With much love for everything they represent, I say goodbye with great affection.

Be in the love and peace of Heavenly Father.


Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - Dec 02, 2015.