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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Blaze the Locomotive Path of Love - Master Kuthumi

Beloved Masters in Planetary Aid Mission!

You volunteered to anchor light and retrieve a beautiful orb that was bathed in density and darkness.

Since then, you have been working in groups on local missions anchoring light and promoting actions that modify the collective consciousness of humanity. That was the mission you accepted and you performed brilliantly.

But, beloved ones, you have reached a point of definition. Already you anchored sufficient light to make the darkness present in the collective subconscious appear, to sprout, so that the light penetrated. It's as if there were stains under a rug. When they remove it, however, these dark marks are evident and bother those who see it. Then you need to go to a next step, cleaning the place. Some come out easily and simply, others are so old and so encrusted that you require great effort and even specialized outside help.

This second stage involves the process of interiorization to the sacred flame that they keep in your hearts. At first you anchored light, changed the collective conscience, showed that there was more than what was exposed, exposed all the dirt that was under that huge old rug. Now you begin to look into your hearts and to recognize yourselves as you really radiate all the beauty you possess and bring with you.

This new stage of the process will be smoother, despite requiring greater discipline and acuity. The great work of awakening to the existence of higher and more benevolent realities was done. It is the one that anchored a humanitarian purpose of a better future, in which humanity recognizes themselves as a group of individuals focused on a goal of common good and communion of intentions. By this you cease to accept any conception that leads you to a path other than that of unity. This purpose has been won and there is no return to any other with diverse outcome. You have managed to take the most difficult step, which many said was impossible to attain. This one was given!

Now the next steps will be more subtle, no less challenging, but will require more sensitivity. That is because there is enough light to guarantee a promising end to this story, which is already being told with joy by all of creation. It is as if they had already moved a locomotive that by its own inertia, by the force that accumulated, will unfold and reach its goal to the planetary elevation.

Along the way, however, there will be debris, rocks, obstacles, which require a special cleaning commission to take over and clear the path so it can flow and reach the destination. This front commission is you! You will illuminate and take care of the path that this precious locomotive will make.

At first, you set in motion this vehicle, this locomotive of love. Now, radiating the sacred flame they have in their hearts, you will light the way for the exposed obstacles to become evident and thus others to come to their rescue. In this way, the path will be traveled naturally, in the flow of the elevation of their bodies.

For this reason we are asking you to blossom your hearts, to trust the creator, be you in all the divine perfection of Heavenly Father. You are the commission of the front, of light, and in order to finish this process, it is enough that they allow yourselves to shine, to shine so that all may feel their inner light. Thus, the locomotive of love will have its way easier and will reach its destination faster and smoother. They no longer have any fear of allowing themselves to shine, for the old rug has been removed and now everything is exposed.

As you get inward, you will find the sacred energies that you hold with you. When you find it you will radiate it and all those who stand in your way will feel it. This will be the impetus for them, together, to enlighten yourselves to create a new world, and so they will recognize yourselves as a single group, without borders and without cultural or racial divisions but a group of children of the same Father who longs for the peace and common good of all humanity and the planet.

You have done an excellent job, and in order to be sure, it is sufficient that you look at all the dirt, which in benevolence, is exposed. Old and encrusted dirt that will now be progressively cleaned, so that they can live in an environment sterilized by the light that radiates from their hearts.

In the coming times, therefore, you will be making contact with your inner essence, with your soul-will, with your spiritual consciousness. The only thing they need to do is to listen to it, to follow it and to internalize it to be accepted. Finding their own truths, you will be creating a world where no dirt will be kept. Everything will be clear and transparent for peace and love to prevail.

It is the moment, therefore, to begin to observe and to feel their experiences in a distanced way. This is the moment from which they will begin to stand as observers of themselves. Each day, with each experience, you must feel what it brings. Is it something pleasurable? A well-being, or are they forcing, creeping in opposition to your being? What does that experience bring to you?

This is a new moment in which you will put in relevance the feeling, the being in harmony. The contrast, the difficult will become more and more evident to you. Everything that is contrary to their beings will become heavy, because the energetic level that they have reached will show them the resistance from their bodies.

In this new course, they will be following the path of the locomotive of love, illuminating their path to clear obstacles and will be closer and closer to the flow of the universal pulsar that brings their heart. Take heed, therefore, to this feeling of yours. Bring that feeling into discipline to you so that you may observe yourself in your experiences. Become your own observers looking at the activities performed by those who say nothing to your heart and therefore put you on the path of resistance.

Begin to seek progressively and give preference to your well-being, to remain in peace, to be authentic with yourself.

The feeling will be more a tool for interiorization, so that you know each other, so that you remember who you are. This feeling will tell you what you came for, what gifts you carry within you and how you can develop it. It will lead you to the path of fullness and growth and bring you into communion with the Whole. This is your destiny, which it has already been won, - I assure you.

Follow the indication of their bodies, as they will be more and more integrated into the divine flow and radiating their light, opening the way to the flowing locomotive of moving love, helping it to cleanse all the darkness of your world.

I am Master Kuthumi and I take great pleasure in bringing you this tool, that your bodies will show you the way of the heart, the well-being and the universal flow. Use this instrument that the father offered you in divine grace.


Dec 10, 2015 (T)