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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Be the masters of the Heart - Master Jesus

Dear brothers!

A new cycle begins in their lives, those in which a new journey of love, faith, brotherhood, integration with light takes place on the horizon. To follow this path, it is enough that they surrender to this new energy, allowing themselves to be what they are. That is all, because you are everything and everything is you.

In their lives and in this earthly existence they have been led to believe that they are unworthy, that they are in a world to purge old errors, that the Father has put them into "punishment", just as they do with spoiled children.This is the prevailing belief, that they are waiting for the government, they are waiting for the return of the savior, they are indignant with the government and with the religion that does not bring them what they expect. They believe that they are insignificant in the face of creation and the "mistakes" they have made, so they must go through the pain, suffering and difficulties, in order to spy on them. Works of the past.

That, beloved children, was what the system wanted them believe. They even say that I died on the cross to save them from all their sins, when my only purpose was for me to be a master on earth. Being, I could bring you an example of work and mastery in physical life. Following my heart, I carried the Father's word and showing a new way of being. But that was the purpose of my last life, just as it is yours.

As they took on all this energy of guilt, they went deeper into the dense energies, considering themselves small and unworthy to be the Father's children. So much that many call me the son of God, as if I was the only one of them, and you did not have that dignity, being unworthy of belonging to creation and all that is. In this energy of negation they have forgotten that they are masters, which we are all children of the same Father, coming from the same source and possessing in their hearts the same energy that I possess. They are as ready to be masters of themselves as any of us who are on this side of the veil.

Beloved brethren, beloved teachers, sons of the Lord, how happy I am to refer to you in this way, even happier when I realize that many of you are already able to see themselves. This is already occurring in large numbers. This is all for me and our brothers. We want them to be seen in all confidence, to use their intuition and follow their heart and manifest in the physical world the Father's purest love. This is how we see them and this is how they should look.

My brethren of the heart, teachers in all our Father's wealth! Consider loving yourself, respecting yourself, listening, and letting your most loving voice prevail. Thus they will be coming to our kingdoms to become one, as is the desire of our Father.

By recognizing themselves as deserving, they will be moving away from the mind and into the loving energy of the heart. But many may wonder that they see many of their brothers walking in the path of light and would like to go the same way, but lack the strength and courage of the world to face.

I tell you, my dears: nothing has to be faced for you to be in all yours its essence; It is enough that they surrender to the flow and accept themselves. Keeping their inner peace will no longer need to prove anything to their brethren. You will not have to bring them in your way or follow theirs, for only your heart will prevail. In so doing, their simple presence will say everything without arguing, without proving, without judging themselves better or worse. You will be, then, this presence of peace, of love, of centering that will manifest in a gentle way, as the masters do, as you can do!

Imagine a master you admire. Do you imagine him trying to prove something, discussing religious philosophies, whether that fact gave him a certain form or not? Or do they see him to be, manifesting mastery in his way of being, radiating his inner peace?

Now do this to yourself: imagine yourself masters. How would they be? Keep yourself in Christlike peace and recognize yourself in what you really are. Stop a minute, look within, seek the master of the heart. What's he like? Do not judge, do not understand and do not fear: feel it! Give yourself this gift. You are Father's children just like me, remember? So be you, and even for a minute, bring this master into your presence. He loves. Recognize your mastery? He allows himself. It's you, my brothers. This master - it is you.

Do you understand my beloved? They do not need to prove or understand. It is enough, that you feel allow yourself and give yourself to your heart, that your presence will be the proof of everything. I was among you and my presence is remembered for life and work, without me writing a single line. There is no such need, do you see? Now, my promise to you: many of you will also be remembered. Are you ready for this? The time has come to allow themselves, if they accept, simply to trust and surrender to all that they are. Surrender to the love that he will lead you. Bring this master to you and be him, in all your essence. You do not have to do anything else. That's all and enough!

From your loving brother.


Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - Dec 29, 2015


Translation : Patricia Nogueira