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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

On the way to awakening - Master Jesus

Beloved children, greetings!

It is always a blessing to our beings this opportunity to transmit the sacred teachings to the teachers in mission, in favor of UNITY! It is the moment when we surrender our hearts to reach them with greater ease, putting us in joy and gratitude.

We have already told you in countless opportunities that you are providing an unprecedented service to creation, to ALL THAT IS. This service is constituted primarily in learning to recognize its spiritual essence, placing itself in communion of hearts to the universal flow of creation and in divine perfection with the creator, in the midst of the physical plane.

In essence, they already do so with great ease, when they are in the state of fullness of their consciential level. In softer and subtle dimensions, without the restrictions that permeate them, they conceive their beings in UNITY and allow their hearts to be placed in a flow of divine perfection to EVERYTHING.

In these planes, where love and the compassionate energies of benevolence prevail, consciousness recognizes unity and acts in communion of will with all creation. The being recognizes itself as ONE and feels its heart, its essence, amid the universal communion of purposes. Free from the moorings and restraints of the physical planes one uses all available abundance to the creator's children, in grace and ease. In the subtle levels of creation, recognizing his oneness with the creator, he acts in benevolence and perfection as the child of the ONE.

In the state of restriction of the consciousness in which they are, however, they see as if they were in a state of separation with the whole creation and with the other children of the creator. They face a series of restrictions and challenges that are imposed by the reality they are inserted and that they create for themselves. This is the apparent scenario in which they find themselves, an illusory scenario of chaos that they have created that transforms the simple fact of being, of staying centered in their sacred heart, in a daily challenge.

They cease to feel the sacred heart, begin to rely on the lower personality and recognize it as their own essence. The ego becomes the center of command of your being, your unity of support and guidance. From this they create for themselves a series of restrictions, because they fail to recognize the divine flow of perfection, which acts in creation. When they put themselves in this state, they do not conceive their spiritual essence losing contact with the sacred gifts stored in the heart. Its inner self empties itself on a consciential level and the being is lost amid the chaos, starting to have as an orientation external elements that say nothing about its essence, about its being. There is a loss of reference and being, seeking oneself in love, fails to recognize the divine nature in all that it is, allowing itself to be dominated by fear, by the apparent external chaos and by the insecurity of separation, ends up attacking itself, in Disunity to his brothers.

This apparent disunity in which they find themselves causes the confusion that pervades their world. Because the children of unity, in separating themselves, allow the ego-oriented lower personality to manifest itself outwardly. They create external and internal imbalances, which act against their own beings and their world. Because of the state in which they are, on a level of consciousness, they recognize themselves amid the chaos, projecting the absence of internal reference to the outside world. They fail to realize that by accepting this level of consciousness as their reality, they eventually manifest their inner reality outwardly, creating the world of chaos in which they are apparently inserted.

This was the state of consciousness that controlled their world, for thousands of years generating all disunity and chaos that they visualize, but, what we remember, it is only a passing illusion created by the state of consciousness that they recognize.

The process of global ascension and the awakening of humanity is thus to return to the counted with its spiritual essence, rediscovering and radiating the sacred gifts of the heart to the physical plane accepting, in union, the flow of divine perfection. Thus, they cease to impose imbalances on the external world by means of the resistances they create by reason of the apparent state of separation that they find. Placing and recognizing the inner self, the outer world will mirror that reality radiating beauty and perfection.

The process of planetary ascension thus gradually is releasing its being from the bonds of illusion and bringing it back into contact with its inner self with its spiritual essential. This process will rid your world of the seeming chaos in which you find yourself, as your beautiful essence manifests itself on the physical plane. Putting an end to the imbalances they face today, the ego ceases to be the center of command of their beings, so that all the magnitude of their beings radiate to the outside world.

Of course, from their perspective, this is not the way they see it, for in their reality they have never encountered such external chaos, but at the same time, if they look within, they will note that there is little of their linear time to deal with this apparent disorder. This is the sign that they are gradually expanding their consciousness, allowing them to become more compassionate beings with great inner strength to stay in the center of their sacred heart.

In the transition between the old way of being and the new that rises, much stored energy is being released inwardly. This inner cleansing eventually reflects through the manifestation of consciousness to the outside, modifying the old collective patterns. The new consciousness that manifests itself fails to accept the standards imposed to incorporate spiritual truth and radiate it, promoting severe changes to social organization.

There is resistance and momentum in this process, so the apparent chaos in transformation, then, the collective consciousness drives change, promoting resistance on the part of those who still rely on outer principles under the command of the ego and the lower personality.

We are constantly embracing them, emanating benevolent energy that radiates their beings and expands their consciential reality. Thus, they progressively take contact with their essence and manifest it to the outside world to radiate all beauty and harmony contained in their hearts.

The energy that all spirituality radiates to their beings is allowing them to expand awareness by opening the heart so that they can reconnect with their sacred gifts. This is progressively freeing your world from the old egoic patterns imposed by the imbalance of your beings.

Many have already walked, and for this reason, they are very close to seeing monumental changes in their world. Great changes will occur to the point of even recognizing the world in which they live now. But keep in mind that these changes are nothing more than the reflection of your spiritual growth in the midst of the physical plane. When you internalize, therefore, you will see nothing more of the old personality in your being. A new you will arise in creation to a world of love and benevolence.

This is the process they face for the development of their spiritual mastery and for this reason we have called them to interiorize themselves, to set aside a daily time to be still and seek God in their hearts. In this way they will recognize themselves in every extension of their beings by remaining in the sacred center of their hearts.

Access the sacred flame of God in your hearts, to radiate it and manifest it to the outside world. This is the way, in place of the commands of the ego, to manifest peace in your world and in coming into contact with your inner self, God in your heart, you will thus manifest to the outer world, aligning your beings with the unity of intentions. The imbalance of the external world will align itself with its spiritual sacred center, manifesting itself in perfection WITH ALL THAT IS.

Your loving friend, Jesus.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - November 25, 2015