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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The army of Light – El Morya

Dear children!

What a joy fills me now, for being able to address the masters on Earth through this friend, radiating the light from my heart to yours, touching you with all my love. It is a cheerful, blissful moment in my being. However, today I come to talk to you about the process you currently experience, of transfiguration of your beings on the way to the divine light of perfection, on the physical plane. This is a process of great benevolence, which comes from the creator to all creation, such is the magnitude and beauty that radiates from him!

Children of the ONE, beloved children! There is a big wisdom hidden in your beings, but it is there, because I can see it. All the wisdom of the universe is available there, next to you, because you are big beings. That wisdom is about to shine for all to recognize the beauty that is contained in your hearts.

When you accepted this mission of now, you brought along with your beings a magnificent wisdom that changes the world in which you live. From here, we work constantly, just so you can radiate it, assisting the process of planetary ascension. These are the hidden talents you have, each of you in your own way, but all of them are essential to the global ascension process. You are strategically placed in your positions, in a divinely perfect and grand plan, and each one is essential to its achievement.

You are the brave volunteers who accepted it with all the heart and love you have in your beings. You knew the risks you would take, but in love of ALL THAT IS, you accepted it and are implementing it brilliantly, to the amazement of all creation, that has never seen a process of such magnitude. Your beings were in a position of spiritual greatness, you did not have any reason to be there but the love and commitment you have with the creation. This was the path you chose and you brilliantly pursue it in this now. And, despite all the difficulties, you were brave and kept the flame of love intact in your heart and, thus, gradually, day by day, you are radiating it and changing your world.

There will come a day, long before you can conceive, that all this spiritual greatness you brought will radiate, breaking any blockages the physical body imposed on you. On that day, the flame that will radiate from your hearts will be so strong that the entire cosmos will be able to feel its presence. It’s like there’s something in you that was contained, but it was piling up and piling up, to the point of burst to release all the magic and beauty you possess. It will be something grand, when your beings return to your original state, but with a key difference: it will be in the physical body.

Beloved children, look at the beauty of this process and allow it, because that’s what you came for. That permission which is given by you, through the relentless pursuit of your beings’ balance, self-knowledge, feeling instead of wanting, inner peace. Seek your soul’s mission and release it, let it radiate, shine it to those who haven’t discovered it yet and allow them to find it. Keep this inner light regardless of what the physical world brings you. These are the steps of spiritual mastery, amid the physical plane, which you should follow. When you reach it, at the same time you will be releasing your beings, you will release your world to enjoy all the abundance the creator makes available to his children.

Beloved masters of Light, I wish I could show you how close we are, show you where you’ve been and where you are now. It’s been a long road where, step by step, as brave soldiers, you remained standing with your hearts up, and today you are in a place where few would believe you would be able to arrive. It’s a miracle! There’s no other word to designate your inner strength. Listen to our applause. The spirituality gives you a standing ovation in tribute to your spiritual greatness.

Congratulations, soldiers! You made it, you got there, you can already see the finish line one step away. You can let the tears fall because the celebration is very close to beginning. The celebration will be well deserved for the greatness of everything you’ve done. Recognize your inner power, for it is huge.

With enormous affection and admiration to our beautiful army of Light.

El Morya

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - Nov. 17, 2015

Translation: Jeferson Henrique Ferreira