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Saturday, November 7, 2015

My garden – Lord Emanuel

Feel me right at this moment, open up to the energies radiating from these words, because I’m here, your friend Lord Emmanuel.

We’ve been together before; we sat together in my garden many, many times. Close your eyes and remember these moments we spent in this wonderful corner. Look at the beauty of this place. We were there, sitting side by side, and in those moments, I felt what afflicted you and I guided you. By emanating loving energy from my heart, I welcomed you with all the love of my being.

But feel my love for you now, because you’re right here by my side again, in the same garden, and I thank you for visiting me. I’ve built this space especially for your visit. Yes, because you deserve all the blessings in this world and I would not receive so beloved a being in any place that was less special, a garden made for you with all my love.

My beloved, I’m so happy we’re together! Look around and see the beauty of this garden.

Breathe, breathe slowly, once again, listen to the angels’ singing, look at the plants that surround us, the flowers, feel the energy of this place, there’s something beautiful over there! It is yours and has been made for you, therefore, it’s just like you dreamed of it, the way you see it. It makes your wildest dreams come true because it’s been created according to your being. How do you feel in this so wonderful place?

We’re here, you and I, I’m your loving friend and I can soothe you or just listen to you. Yes, because I listen to you without judgment, I see the perfection of your being, and this gives me great pleasure to be with you and listen to you.

But notice how there are no more afflictions in this place, they’re gone, you’re at peace, because here you are integral and true to your essence.

Notice how easy it is to seek the peace which is in your heart. It is within your reach all the time, just come back to my garden at any time, because I made it especially to host you, and I’m here whenever you want. Just come to me!

This is our secret space where you can come to me and always find me, whenever you want.

And every time you come to my garden, you will eventually find yourself too, find the sacred space of your heart. Relieved, you breathe in peace here and the afflictions are gone. Feel the marvelous air that comes into your being.

Breathe again and look at the garden, because we’re still here! Just breathe!

This garden is the sacred space of your heart, the place where you will always find your peace of mind. This is your sacred space! Come back here often, dear, as many times as you need during the day, because your beauty radiates here, and I can embrace you with all my love.

I am Lord Emmanuel and thank you for having me in the sacred space of your heart.

Thank you, Lord Emmanuel!

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – Nov. 07, 2015

Translated: Jefferson Henrique Ferreira