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Thursday, November 12, 2015

The planetary ascent, a process from inner to outer – Kuthumi

Sons and daughters of the ONE, my beloved celestial masters, open yourselves right now to the universal benevolence that has always been and will always be all yours.

Today, my beloved, I come with a pleasant task of talking to you about the holy energy that will move your world towards planetary ascent. A recurrent theme indeed, but for which I have the role of bringing a different approach.

Beloved sons and daughters, your world has been destined to energies ascent towards to the heart superior spheres. Your bodies have been prepared to receive these energies, expanding themselves until the unification of hearts into all that is.

Nevertheless, my masters, little has be said about the personality changes that you have been suffering of over the last years. A kinder and friendlier personality is currently rebirthing in your beings, allowing you to accept the physical world adversities more easily.

This change of behaviour reaches all beings from this planetary sphere and, obviously, humans are more intensively reach, who have been the greatest actors against benevolent energies that irradiate in the cosmos right now.

Your hearts unify themselves and thereby resistances disappear, weakening the low energies that have limited all humanity’s consciousness. With the arrival of new energies, consciousness expands, decompresses itself and, at the same time, the spirit in all its greatness and perfection arises. The spiritual consciousness manifests itself in the physical world, free from ego bonds that guide your being by leaning on heavy energies. In the end, all the benevolent energy that your world receives has the holy purpose of freeing your being from the density’s constraints, giving your spirit the freedom to manifest itself and allowing the divine perfection of all beings to manifest itself on Earth.

This is the current process and, therefore, you have noticed changes of behaviour, firstly in yourselves, then in all those close ones, finally on communities’ collective behaviour, countries and humanity itself. Notice this process complexity, which starting from individual release puts humanity into holy perfection with ALL THAT IS.

Divine perfection will thus manifest through a continuous process of growing and release that has the final purpose of allowing holy spiritual gifts’ radiation to human beings that currently live on this planet. Spiritual greatness will manifest itself amid energy density on which you cohabit, and so your beings will change all behaviour in this world. This is the most beautiful and complex process ever seen in this cosmos. A process of spiritual growing and release along with physical body preparation, to allow radiation of beauty from beings that currently use these temporary clothes.

Benevolent energies modify your bodies and the conscience restraints are set aside, allowing the manifestation of your beings’ totality amid physical density, spreading spiritual beauty to the world and substantially changing it. This is the process that will release your world to freedom from current arduous conditions, observe how it comes from your spirit.

Only the spiritual release will allow external world transformation, as there is no other safe and sustainable way for it. Without this process, you would not be able to sustain a new world more benevolent and easier to live in, where you could make use of all available abundance in the universe evenly. Otherwise, humanity would once again run the risk of returning to old standards, which will not even be recognised by the spirit’ release.

Therefore, gorgeous sons and daughters of the LIGHT, when looking forward to the change, look first inside yourselves, be grateful and observe how the subtle release of ego’s behaviour, which has guided you over centuries of your continuous time, will free your world. This process will make humanity spiritually mature, providing it with the means to underpin with gentleness and sustainability the new coming times. Be aware! You were, you are and will always be the responsible ones for guiding your own world, and you should be ready to take on the enormous responsibility that the creator has given to you with all his love and benevolence. The better you look at this process of internal change putting down the resistances that constraint your spiritual gifts’ radiation, the faster and safer the transformation in your external world will be. One does not exist without the other, as the creator is all that is.

I am Kuthumi, a brother that profoundly loves and thanks you for this opportunity of manifestation.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - November 12, 2015

Translation: Jeferson Henrique Ferreira