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Monday, November 16, 2015

The rise of love – Saul

Gratitude, children of the ONE, for always renewing the faith, for being open to the new, because this is the process that ensures the blooming of your beings, amid the physicality, your process of spiritual opening.

My beloved beings, open yourselves to the benevolent magic of love, hope, and faith, stay firm and straight in your path, for this will bring great spiritual fruits to your beings.

You build up the feeling of love on your beings, and spirituality is enormously grateful to everything you do. Feel our gratitude, which we emanate every moment from our beings to you. Yes, because these days you contribute much more than you can imagine, much more than you can conceive today.

A great miracle is happening, and you are the main actors. The path seems tortuous, but it is not. It is beautiful, perfect, and straight. The creator does not create tortuous paths, because he acts in perfection with all that IS. There is a single universal pulse and you are already in perfection with it, for the creator knows where and how you should be in the midst of this universal communion. There are no mistakes here! Nothing occurs in creation that is not in divine perfection with this single pulse, because that’s all there is.

Today you find yourselves in the path of expansion of your beings, amid the physicality. You will be increasingly open to the infinite energy of the universe, to receiving the blessings the creator gives to all his children. So, your beings are getting ready for the manifestation of universal consciousness, in unity with one, amid the energetic density of matter. But, behold, you are already perfect in nature because you’ve been created that way; you are just acting with limited consciousness right now. That is also a perfection!

But, for that reason, you still don’t fully conceive the magnificence of the process you are experiencing. And when you are open to this vision, you’ll have a pleasant surprise. You will recognize your beings in total and will be taken by all the love that exists in creation, recognizing the universal benevolence that always accompanied you in everything you did, since you agreed to be part of this process of spiritual renewal of your beings and of this planet.

In this process, you’ll commune more and more with the benevolent universal energy, because that’s the destiny that creation has prepared for you. There’s no going back, no reversal; there is only one being. It is about a process in perfection, that the children of the Light, of Creation, undergo for joy and universal experience in the cosmos. Simply allow all beauty that you possess to emanate from your hearts.

You have always kept the beauty of universal perfection in your hearts and never lost it; it has always been with you because it is your own essence. It belongs to you! You are the manifestation of divine perfection and you have always been, because it is so.

This simple permission of the irradiation of perfection is the process that, for communion, has been called Ascension. It is a guiding energy emanating from the core of creation to all beings in this sphere, in order to gradually release to the physical world the gifts of the spirit, stored in the heart. The physical world is manifested in complete consonance with the irradiation of perfection of your beings.

It is a process that generates a huge amount of loving energy, which amplifies all over the cosmos. There are many celestial beings involved in this process; and the union of great beings around a single cause, the love they feel for you, generates the irradiation of a huge amount of loving energy never felt before by the creation. The process you experience generates an immeasurable irradiation of love’s energy, which radiates throughout creation and modifies it. Do you realize the perfection of the divine plan which you are a part of?

You generate the irradiation of a loving energy never felt by the cosmos, because you are much loved. The love that the heavenly beings hold for you, in union, radiates grace and transforms all of creation.

You, therefore, are not changing only your beings and your planet but, actually, all of creation. It is something huge, inconceivable within the consciousness limitation in which you find yourselves today. This is because the creator acts in perfection in everything, and the divine plan in which you are the main actors is in a single pulse, so it couldn’t be different.

You are modifying creation by the mere fact of being loved, and nothing else. You are loved and, therefore, you contribute to creation in an unprecedented way. If you can’t conceive this fact, just feel for a little moment of now all the love we radiate. It is there, just feel it.

You are loved, much loved, and for this love you receive, you contribute with all creation. Everything is perfect because there are no misunderstandings and mistakes, the creator acts in perfection and you are perfect in all your divinity.

Huge gratitude, my beloved, for agreeing to perform this beautiful service to creation. We are all eternally grateful to you.

With much love, Saul

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – Nov. 16, 2015

Translation: Jeferson Henrique Ferreira