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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The irradiation of the energy of the heart – Serapis Bey

And with great honor that I approach to each of you through these words. But there’s more than words. There are benevolent energy that radiates from my heart to each that opens to receive it. Feel it.

That wonderful moment that is. Of Union of their hearts to ONE. Of manifestation of the sacred gifts that have been stored in yours beings. Of unification of yours bodies and opening of the sacred gifts of the heart. Unification and opening will release to each one of you, yours individual gifts. Be grateful to witness this moment. Yes dears, with the unification of the bodies and hearts your gifts expand and manifest themselves in physicality. That unique moment and wonderful elapses right now. Radiate the gratitude that these times require.

Is the moment of unification of yours hearts to the ONE, to the infinite knowledge of the universe. But it is the moment also to take on the responsibility to remain at the Centre of your being. Not straying from the path and keep the faith so that they can go through it with the same mastery that brought them here. Support the faith that has always been present in yours hearts and who never, ever lose.

Because each of you holds special gifts what justify being where you are right now, that made be chose to be there. These gifts for so long were secretly stored in yours bodies and hearts.

When they came to this world you brought as a gift to all, so that at the right time to be released, causing them to be reborn and expand, unifying them to yours hearts and radiating the inner beauty that they have.

My children, you brought them and knew that allow its expansion would be its soul mission, bring those energies to all those who put in your way, allowing your irradiation and causing it to propagate and multiply through the hearts of all beings. This is the mission that has been hidden and that now is the time to perform with mastery and responsibility. There is no more time for delay, because the time has come to recognize your authentic power, to radiate for all to see.

But it won’t be for those words that will, but rather by what is now in your heart. Pay attention to that, stop for a minute, breathe and feel it. Is wonderful and there are the keys to release the wonders that have been saved within each of you.

Come out as well, because they were that what came, release these sacred gifts that will bring great blessings to your world. My congratulations for having made it this so far. What a great miracle performed, feel it and believe, Yes, you did, and there’s a lot more to come.

Master Serapis Bey

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - October 27, 2015

Translation: Filipe Novais