Sunday, October 10, 2010

About Us

Congregation for peace and transformation.

This name means what all humanity needs to evolve and live with joy.

That which all should develop in themselves.

With much humility we bring this congregation, so that it is a united group in the name of humanity.

With the banner of humility and love, our purpose is to bring through simplicity and humility, with simple words, the cure for all.

With the congregation, we will put into practice the teachings of the Ascended Masters in the name of love.

We will bring relief, healing, love and affection through inner transformation for all, so that each one may find your peace.

This congregation is only a name, but it is small in the face of the greatness of the work to come, a work in the name of love and charity.

Gautama Buddha

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Michele Martini

I am a messenger in harmony with violet light. I anchor in this plane the desire for planetary elevation by the transmutation of all density that blocks the free flow of light and love in that dimension. In communion with the ascending masters, beings of light and from human faith we will sweep and transmute dense mental states into joy, tranquility and love. With the help of my beloved Master Pórtia, I place myself at the service of the liberation of all human and planetary darkness, seeking to be an instrument of relief from the physical, emotional and mental pain of those who put themselves under our radiance field.

Designer, Writer, Messenger, Reiki Therapist and Quantum Healer.

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Thiago Strapasson

Through my connection with the presence I Am I bring channeled messages that serve my development beforehand and that may eventually bring you some guidance or help.

In the context of spirituality, I am a channel in the service of the Light. I am another human being who dreams of the manifestation of love and peace. I bring in my heart the sacred flame of the Ascension that is held by my Higher Self and I wish that all beings here on this planet will recognize their essence and flame the flame of their heart so that together we can take this planet to the Global Ascension.
Currently, under the guidance of the ascended Master Serapis Bey, assistance in the delivery of a set of letters made available by the great white fraternity that bring elements and studies on the process of personal and global ascension.

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Translation: Patricia Nogueira.