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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Master Confucius

I am Confucius, brother of light. I represent wisdom and love. Together with my brothers, we hold the golden ray, which lulls the hearts with the balance of wisdom. That which is the force of understanding, of understanding, of the absorption of light in the form of experience of life. I teach my disciples in the temple of haste to understand the lessons of life, to withdraw the divine wisdom of each day lived, relying on the greater providence that only the humble hearts are able to understand with acceptance. Wisdom that is not confused with knowledge, which is independent of knowing, but that transpires in the face for the peace and silence of those who know the time to allow, but also the time to speak. The wisdom that teaches the balance of life, which represents love, sustains the healing of so many hearts as a guide that radiates and patiently awaits maturation to overcome the experience. When you feel distress for life, call for the golden flame of the temple of haste, it will bring you the balance and wisdom to wait for resolution of the question that torments you. The golden flame is the hand that cherishes hearts with a superior understanding of experience. And that is my purpose, to teach confidence in the divine purpose of everything that presents itself to us. My manifestation is empty, smooth and objective, for the wise say very little. And thus I manifest myself in his days, with small signs indicative of the way, which the attentive heart quickly perceive. He is a soft signal, but able to divert his gaze, to draw attention to my presence in his life. And so it is.

Channeled by Thiago Strapasson.