Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lord Maitreya

I am the hope of the renewal of Christ on earth. The primordial energy that drives, that drives, that leads to love. I represent the Christic energy before humanity, the energy that is the impulse of the force that moves all towards themselves, to find the light of their hearts. Christ is not a being as you think, Christ is an energy that binds to your heart to transform it into the miracle before humanity. When we say Jesus Christ, we say Jesus in touch with his primordial force, with his energy in the purest form of creation. Each one of you becomes the Christ by making contact with yourself, in a pure and crystalline way. This is my function, to radiate the Christic light so that it may be agglutinated in their hearts to transform them into the heirs of Christ on earth. I am not the new messiah, I only radiate the conditions so that each of you are the heirs of the new age, the heirs of the Christ who is the primordial energy of the source that they keep in their hearts. My purpose is this, to become the Christ, the master, the being of light that shines next to the planet to bring healing and love to all who come into contact with their own energy. The love of Christ is the very energy they bring into their hearts, but in a free and free way. This is how I present myself as the hope of renewing Christ on earth. I am Maitreya

Channeled by Thiago Strapasson.